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The Art Of Choosing The Right Background For A Portrait Photo

When was the last time you had your photo taken? Did you ever think about the background? This can make or break portrait images. However, finding a suitable backdrop that complements and enhances the portrait subject is difficult, whether you are working in the studio or out.

So how do you fund a suitable portrait background? And what kind of things should you look for in a portrait photo background? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Choice Of Backdrop 

For portrait photographers, illustrators, and artists, the choice of a backdrop can make or break a final image. It can change the mood and meaning of your portrait. In both paintings and photography, backgrounds can convey further layers of meaning.

Whether you are photographing people or products, the backdrop behind your subjects can make or break an image.    

With the right subjects, backgrounds, and gear, you will transform a simple portrait photograph into an atmospheric, intriguing depiction of the subject.

Good portrait shots emphasize your subject first, while the color of your background choice helps to communicate the mood and tone of your photo. Choosing to intentionally brighten the backdrop in a photo can also help to create separation between the subject and the backdrop.    

Dark Backdrops 

For low-key photography style, a darker background with dark silhouettes supports using rim lighting. 

A portrait of a famous figure using a dark backdrop like that of the late Diana, Princess of Wales can change the whole identity of the subject in this case making them seem more grown-up. 

The shadows created by the various elements in your background can enhance the overall visuals of the photo.

As well as dark backdrops, solid-colored backgrounds are a great choice if you are looking to achieve classic looks for your portrait photos. Remember you can always take out the background using a background remover if you don’t like it. 

Solid Backdrops    

You can always find solid color backgrounds at professional studios and in commercial photography. Choosing your photo background is one of the easiest ways to bring character and style into your studio photo or video shoot.

Paper backdrops provide a seamless backdrop that works well as an accessory for portrait, product, and commercial photography, among other things.    

If you are starting out taking a portrait photo, then begin with the busiest backgrounds, meaning, backgrounds that you might find at your own house. With the right colors and textures, creating your own backdrops can be pretty stylish.

Color Backgrounds 

To help you decide what colors and backgrounds are the best for certain types of portraiture, get yourself a color chart that you can print out and use as a handy reference in your studio.  This will help you decide how to choose a background for photos.

Whether you need to crop out unwanted edges, brighten distracting shadows, or adjust the background of your shots, get acquainted with editing programs and their functions to take portrait photography to the next level. 

Editing programs will also help you to change the color of your background after you’ve taken your photographs. 

The Portrait Background Is The Most Important Aspect Of Your Photography 

You might not realize it but the portrait background is vital to how your photograph comes across. With the latest technology today you can choose from any number of backgrounds including a dark background or a light background.

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