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The Complete Guide To Becoming A Real Estate Expert In Your Area


The real estate market is continuously growing and expanding. The world of real estate investment is one that’s constantly changing. Living in an area where the market is strong allows you to make a lot of money as a salesperson.

The best thing about working in the field of real estate is that it can be lucrative even if you are not very knowledgeable about the industry. The following is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to get started in the business of the real estate.

1. Focus on Obtaining Listings

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, one of your main objectives is to obtain listings. A listing is a tenant that is looking for a place to rent or a property that needs to be sold. Getting listings is important because it allows you to profit from commissions generated by the sales and rentals of these properties.

Obtaining listings can be done in two different ways: prospecting and networking. Brokerage firms often get listings from brokers. They then place them on the market for prospective buyers to view. Prospecting is more common among agents than networking and more effective in obtaining business.

The best way to prospect is through emails and the internet because most people have email accounts and are able to use the internet. When looking in the yellow pages or online, it can be difficult to find residential real estate listings.

Value of Obtaining Listings for Real Estate Agents

For real estate agents that are just starting out, obtaining listings may be the only way to make money. In addition, it’s the only way you can become an expert in the field. The more listings you obtain, the more valuable you will be to your brokerage firm.

Brokers and investors will hire you because they know that you have a lot of listings. Obtaining listings allows an agent to make a lot of money, get more listings and become a successful real estate expert.

The Best Way to Gain Listings


Prospecting is a way to get offers for a listing before it’s placed on the market. By contacting people that are looking for a place to rent or sell, you will have an idea of what kind of rental and sale potential you have. You can also send out an email directly to hundreds of tenants from your internet search, using Google Voice and iContact.


Door-knocking, or “pounding the pavement,” is a very effective way to get listings. By knocking on every door in the area, you can start connecting with people that can help you.

It’s easy to find leads for vacancies and tenant searches by simply asking for tenants or landlords in the lobby of your companies office, directly outside their front doors, or handing out fliers at popular businesses in the area.

Sending Postcards

Sending postcards is an easy and effective way to get listings. Postcards are inexpensive, and creating them is quick and simple. You can create multiple postcards quickly by taking one picture of a house and emailing it to several printing companies that offer the creation of postcards.

Send the cards out to all the people on your prospect lists, as well as a few local businesses that rent or sell properties.

Hosting Client/Networking Events

There are many ways to network and host events that will help you to get listings. You can invite people over for a cookout or party, then ask them if they are looking for a place to rent or sell. Depending on your local laws, you may also be able to have online real estate shows by hosting them on your large flat-screen TV in your living room.

2. Share Your Listings with Your Sphere of Influence

When you obtain a listing, it is important that you share it with your sphere of influence. Letting them know about an available property can allow them to rent or buy the property before someone you are competing against.

You will be able to increase the number of listings, income, and business by letting others know what properties are out on the market.

3. Be Consistent with Your Marketing

As a real estate agent, being consistent is one of the best ways to generate business. You will have more opportunities for rentals and sales by consistently marketing your listings. This can be done through the internet by investing in your own real estate website designed by The Whit Group, social media, direct mail, or door-knocking.

4. Maintain a Real Estate Portfolio

The best way to generate leads for your business is to maintain an updated real estate portfolio. This will allow you to show the potential buyers and renters that you are well versed in your market. If your portfolio is filled with great properties, then potential tenants and buyers will be more likely to choose your company.

5. Let Others Refer You Business

One of the best ways to increase business is by letting people know about your real estate agency. Letting other agents know about the listing that is up for sale or rent can increase property value and rental rates, as well as make more opportunities for rentals because of referrals from others.

6. Participate in Industry Organizations

Participating in industry organizations can be an effective way to generate real estate business because you will be able to make connections that are geographically relevant and develop skills for real estate success. This will increase the abilities and marketability of your services.

By participating in conferences, seminars, and local or national associations, you will start making connections with other agents and brokers that will let others know about your agency by word of mouth marketing.

7. Ask for Referrals

Ask for referrals from your previous clients. By asking, “But before we say goodbye, is there anyone you know that might be looking to move?” or “Is there a friend or relative you would like me to contact when I find the perfect rental for them?” you will be able to get referrals of potential renters or buyers who were not on your list of prospects.

8. Network with Other Agents

Networking with other agents can be an effective way to generate business. You will be able to build relationships with other agents and brokers, who can refer your services to others in their sphere of influence. By networking at conferences, seminars, and local or national associations, you will be building connections that can help you secure more listings for yourself.


Real estate agents are a great example of how many different avenues exist in the world of business today. While you don’t have to have a lot of experience or knowledge, working in the field can still be a very lucrative and enjoyable career.

After learning about how to become a real estate agent, you should now have an understanding of exactly how to do so.  The more listings you obtain, the more money you will make from commissions on sales and rent.

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