Before You Buy Replacement Window Glass: 5 Pieces Of Advice

Nothing lasts forever, and someday, there may be a stray baseball or usual wear and tear that will force you to look for replacing glass in your window. Since this is not an ordinary repair for many people, here are five pieces of advice that will make buying replacement glass less confusing.

1. Glass Replacement Or A New Window?

It’s obvious that glass replacement is much easier and cheaper than installing a whole new window. But, unfortunately, in some cases, the latter is the only option. If there are issues with the window frame itself, replacing a glass will not remove the problem and will just be a money waste.

Here are some indicators that window replacement is required:

  • It gets jammed a lot.
  • There is condensation on the inside.
  • Closed windows do not reduce the noise level.
  • There are leaks and other signs of structural damage.

2. Choose The Right Vendor

It’s not just about finding the lowest price. The product quality, guarantees, and customer service are equally important. Choosing the right place to shop will determine how long the new glass will serve you and how easy it can be installed. The store can provide additional services as well. Those can include measurements, transportation, and installation. This will make the replacement much easier as the process will be handled by one organization from beginning to end.

To find the best stores to buy glass for windows in your area, you can ask friends for advice, read reviews on the Internet, or look them up on this site.

3. Should I Replace It Myself?

Replacing glass in the window is not too complicated, especially in the modern casement windows. However, dealing with broken glass and heavy window frames is dangerous and requires utmost care and some special equipment. Each window type has its own glass fixation mechanism, and glass release methods differ. Newer systems will allow you to release some catches and remove windows from the frame, while in older windows, you’ll have to unscrew it.

To work with broken glass, you’ll need a pair of cut-proof gloves and painter’s duct tape to cover the chattered areas. It’s better to remove the broken glass in one piece if possible and thoroughly clear debris from the frame.

If you are not sure you can handle it yourself, it’s better to call friends or hire a skilled worker.

4. Get The Precise Cut

This is undoubtedly the most important part when ordering replacement glass. The measurements you give to the vendor should be done very carefully, taking these steps:

  1. Locate the outer edges of the glazing beading, which holds the glass in the frame.
  2. Use them to measure the vertical and horizontal distance between opposite outer edges. Make sure it’s a tight fit.
  3. Deduct 1/4 inch from recorded dimensions. This way, the glass will have room to expand and shrink from temperature changes without shrinking.

5. Choose Glass Type

Window glass replacement is a great opportunity to change the glass type. You can go for safety laminated glass for maximum durability or pick glass with a special energy-saving film. You can also get more privacy with tinted or obscure glass.