A Quick And Simple Beginner’s Guide To Dabbing

With marijuana legalization also comes new and innovative ways to partake. The ways of taking a hit are evolving, and nowadays, people are not necessarily sticking to customary joints and pipes. From bongs to hot coals, to oil pens, to dabs, it can seem a bit overwhelming but also intriguing when you are looking for a new smoking experience.

If you want to try out new ways to partake in recreational marijuana, then dabbing might be your new favorite method.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of smoking, not the plant, but concentrated THC oil. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that leads to feelings of euphoria or “getting high”. Dabbing is smoking this concentrated oil, also known as shatter and wax, among other names. By heating this oil and smoking it, you are getting the psychological effects of the THC without consuming the smoke of the plant material as well.

Dabbing can be done in many different ways, you can dab with a special bowl in your favorite bong. You can purchase bongs specialized specifically for this process, or you can buy specialized bowls. You can dab using a vape pen as well. Dabbing means heating the oil to a burning point and inhaling the vapors, and this can be achieved in many ways.

How to Dab?

When you have decided on your favorite method, you will take a pin and put a “dab” or small ball of oil on the tip. This part can be tricky for beginners, but you’ll get the hang of it. You can use normal household sewing needles or pins, but it is recommended you buy one that is to be used for your oil.

These pins are shaped like tiny spatulas and allow you to create a more controlled ball of oil, also working as a separator for your oil, leaving you with the right amount of smoke every time. If using a bong for your dabs, many parts come into play, and you can customize your rig by adding a carb cap that minimizes airflow, and special dab bowls.

When smoking, you don’t heat the oil directly, but rather heat the bowl and then apply the oil to the surface, which will result in its vaporization. Once you have placed the dab, you want to immediately inhale, as dabs tend to burn quickly and clean. If you let the dab burn without inhaling, it will be gone, leading to you not being able to pull the smoke.

Proper Heating Tools

One thing about damming is that it requires more heat than your standard bowl of joint that contains plant material. For this reason, it is important to have the right tools ready for your smoking session. Having the proper setup will make dabbing a lot easier, so investing in a butane lighter is a definite necessity.

Standard lighters will not give you the same heat and will require a lot more time heating, leading to a less clean burn, if they even work.

Making sure that you have the proper smoking utensils, your pin, and your lighter ready will allow you to sit down and mellow out and begin smoking dabs like a pro.

Cautions for First Time Dabbers

While many people will shout the supposed health benefits of dabbing from the rooftops, and discuss how there is less smoke, and therefore it is a safer way to partake in marijuana, it is important to also be cautious. Dabs consist of highly concentrated THC, so smoking a couple of dabs can make you feel like you have smoked an entire joint or bowl to your head.

And while you may not be smoking plant material, you need to keep in mind that making oil is a chemical process, so you are exposing yourself to possible carcinogens and other possibly harmful chemicals when consuming oil.

As with any time you enjoy marijuana, it is important to know your limits and stay within them. Dabbing may also take a little while to hit, but it hits you hard. So try a few dabs and sit for a few minutes to allow yourself to feel the effects fully before consuming more.

As with any time you consume, make sure you will not be driving for some time, as dabs can affect your abilities and judgment, so staying safe is of the utmost importance. For first-time dabbers, the rush can be exhilarating, so make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy the ride from the comfort of your couch and the safety of home.

Once you have taken all these considerations into account, you can decide if dabbing is right for you and begin your forays into oil, shatter, and decide if bong dabs or vape pens are your preferred method. No matter what you choose, the important part is to stay safe and within your limits while partaking.