benefits to smoke using bong

Benefits When You Choose to Smoke Using a Bong

Since the widespread legalization of dry herb in North America, the use of bongs has become more popular. A bong is a smoking apparatus typically made out of glass or porcelain.

For those that are on the fence about investing in a bong, My Bong Shop is sharing the top four lifestyle benefits when you choose to smoke using a bong.

1. More options

There are more options when you choose to smoke with a bong verse smoking a joint. For example, a popular style is the dab rig oil bong, a type of water pipe typically made out of glass. Other types of bongs include multi-chambers, beakers, acrylics, and percolators which all lend to a different smoking experience.

With so many options, it’s hard to know which one is the right choice but shopping for bongs online is now easier than ever. You can filter your way through the selection until you find the one. You may also want to consider investing in a pipe which is like a portable bong.

2. Affordable

If you’re a frequent smoker, then you might benefit from the cost savings of using a bong. Typically, using a bong is more affordable than joints because it requires less equipment and uses less dried herb on each smoke.

A bong only needs water and the weed to fill its bowl. Then it’s ready to go. However, joints require papers, roach-card, and sometimes tobacco. You will also need a grinder to get the dry herb fine enough to roll.

3. Higher intensity

When you smoke a bong, the outcome is much more intense then if you were to smoke using rolling papers or a pipe. People typically experience this intensity because the bong allows you to inhale all the smoke when you light the bowl. Instead of smoking a joint, which lets a big portion of the smoke go, a bong keeps the smoke trapped in the neck.

4. Quick consumption

If your lifestyle constantly has you on the go, then smoking joints may not be the best option because they take time to roll and smoke. However, bongs allow you to smoke quickly so it revolves around your lifestyle.

Because bongs don’t need to be cleaned immediately after every use, it makes them a convenient option for smoking. If you’d like something similar to bong while you’re on the go, consider a small, pocket-sized pipe or vape.

Wrap up

Bongs are a great choice if you’d like to fit smoking dry herb into your lifestyle. There are plenty of options for beginners, they make it easy and efficient to enjoy dry herb and they don’t require the same ongoing costs that other types of smoking need.

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