Best Cities To Live In Italy

Italy, as a country, with its Mediterranean location, has a very conducive climate. It has an incredible cultural and historical heritage with busy and vibrant economic hubs that have now begun to draw skill-set talent and technology from all over the world. 

Many beautiful and bustling cities like Milan, Florence, Turin and Rome, to name a few, offer warm and friendly living conditions. This is because of its Mediterranean lifestyle, living expenses and, above all, the cuisine. It is pretty ethnically diverse as well. However, it is crucial to know the statutory requirements when moving to Italy, either temporarily for work or even permanently. 

Most important is to apply for an appropriate visa or a residence permit. It would be advisable to consult the experts for UK immigration advice on the possible immigration routes available to avoid any issues. This will prevent complications during the shifting process.

The choice of possible destination cities could depend entirely on the type of living conditions you are looking for in the long term.


Milan is considered one of those cities in Italy with tremendous international exposure and excellent economic opportunities. It has few world-class educational institutions and some of the most famous cultural and fashion trendsetters. It is the second-largest city in Italy and is known as one of the four main drivers of the European economy. 

Milan is also known for its high quality of life, and the city boasts economic development, a truly green lifestyle, and cultural and demographic diversity. The quality of life in Milan is considered relatively high, which is why the cost of living here is also more than in other cities in Italy. It is also famous as Italy’s luxury fashion capital and economic powerhouse. 


Florence, located in the heart of Tuscany, is locally known as Firenze. Italy has considered Florence a vital city due to its Roman roots and glory days as the wealthiest city of medieval Europe and the birthplace of the famous Italian Renaissance. Over the years, it has grown to become one of Italy’s major tourist destinations, often included in Tuscany tours and recognized as an important economic center. 

While its economy is driven by tourism, there is a heavy industry & manufacturing presence, especially with traditional and local products. This city and surrounding areas are also home to the famous Chianti wine. 


Turin is the capital of the northern province of Piedmont and is located on the western bank of the river Po, surrounded by the Western Alps. In terms of economic power, Turin ranks third in Italy. This city’s residents comprise many pensioners and are known to be quite laid back yet very conducive to life. 

It has intricate baroque architecture, many palaces, piazzas, opera houses and galleries. The city is also home to well-known universities and the famous football team, Juventus. 


Bolzano in South Tyrol is a medium-sized city that’s not usually on the tourism map. However, it is a fantastic place to call home. Bolzano has a rich history and connection with Germany and Austria, with many gastronomic and cultural influences from both countries. In fact, if you speak German, you will probably fit right in with the locals. 

Bolzano, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, has long been a coveted area. It is thriving in commerce, has people of all age groups living there, and still has some solid values and annual cultural traditions that are great while raising a family.

The endless vineyards manufacture some of Italy’s best wines (Yes, even better than Tuscany, or so the locals believe!), with Bolzano having everything needed to live a peaceful life – supermarkets, entertainment options, cafes, doctors, restaurants, and more. 


Trento in the Trentino region of Italy is more extensive and slightly more urban than the laidback Bolzano. However, the weather patterns in both places are similar, with hot summers and snowy, chilly winters, since they are located in the South Tyrol region. Trento is known for a fabulously well-balanced quality of life. It has everything from sports opportunities, commerce, educational institutes, nightlife, entertainment options, and extraordinary beauty. 

Trento sits snug in the River Adige Valley with the famous River Adige Valley Cycle Path that sees thousands each year. This path runs all the way from Trento to the south of Verona. 

Other places like Naples, Bologna, and Lake Como are more glamorous and famous. Still, these cities mentioned have their own charm and are perfect for shifting from a hustling bustling town to a more peaceful, well-rounded lifestyle.