The Best Movies To Come Out Of Each Decade

Watching a movie is something that almost everyone enjoys. Kicking back and relaxing while taking in an epic story is something most people can relate to. With streaming services now offering access to more movies than at any other point in history, we feel it’s important to help you sort the best from the rest.

So, we’ve put together our collection of the best two movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s to help you pick something quickly and easily. Each decade will have something serious and something fun to watch, so no matter what your mood, you’re catered for here.

70s: Blazing Saddles and The Godfather Parts I and II

Blazing Saddles is a Mel Brooks classic. If you’ve never seen this movie then it’s definitely one of the best ideas for your next movie night. Full of side-splitting laughs and iconic moments, you won’t regret spending 90 minutes with the Waco Kid.

This next one is a little bit of a cheat. However, we just couldn’t decide between the first or second part for The Godfather – so, treat yourself and watch them both. If you’re used to epics in the form of Marvel movies, these will be a big departure from that, but you’ll find them equally enthralling.

80s: Airplane! and E.T.

Airplane! is a movie that will have you wheezing with laughter every time you watch it. Leslie Nielsen’s comic timing is impeccable and the jokes land perfectly, even after all these years. You’re probably best to dodge the sequel, though, and go straight to our 90s section if you want more of this style of comedy.

E.T. is a movie that doesn’t need any introduction. Even if you haven’t seen it, you will have heard of the Spielberg classic. One of the best family movies ever made, if you are looking for something that has a bit of everything, then E.T. is your best choice. The 80s is a tough decade to pick just two movies from, so it shows how much these two stand out.

90s: The Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Goodfellas

The Naked Gun 2 1/2 is the sequel to the first in the series. However, that was a late 80s movie, so we had to plump for the sequel. However, if you enjoyed Airplane! then all three of the Naked Gun movies are well worth checking out. If you’re still looking for more after this, then Police Squad is the TV series it was based on and is just as good.

Goodfellas was the movie that really made an entire genre of movies cool again. It even had a big influence on The Sopranos, one of the best TV shows ever, with a number of the cast crossing over into both shows. This is an incredible movie that has really stood the test of time. If you enjoyed this show then Casino, another Scorsese classic with a star-studded cast, is our pick for your next movie.

2000s: Mean Girls and The Dark Knight

Mean Girls is a hilarious teen comedy from Tina Fey, the creator of 30 Rock. If you enjoy the irreverent brand of humor that 30 Rock offers then you’ll enjoy this as well. It’s sharp, witty and cruel. It might be marketed as a teen comedy, but it really does have something for everyone.

The Dark Knight was Heath Ledger’s final movie. Some people believe it’s what drove him to his death, but that’s more conspiracy than fact. What is fact is that his performance is the shining light in a movie full of great performances. You need to watch this movie, even if you don’t like Batman – it’s that good.

2010s: Horrible Bosses and Mad Max: Fury Road

Horrible Bosses is one of those comedy movies that will give you more guilty laughs than you can shake a stick at. It has an all-star cast and will genuinely have tears of laughter streaming down your face. The first movie struck gold, but give the sequel a miss.

Mad Max: Fury Road is just a huge amount of fun. With the over-the-top action sequences, the explosions, the fighting and the dialogue, you won’t even notice the time going as you watch this. After a few disappointments, this was definitely a positive addition to the Mad Max franchise. In a decade stacked with quality releases, this one sits right at the top of the pile.