best paint colors for your home

The 8 Best Paint Colors For Your Home

Home renovation is often associated with troublesome planning for major changes in the house which required large expenses to begin with. However, in actuality, you can also do a home renovation in the form of a simple addition and alteration work for your house.

You can repaint your house with a new color to give a new and fresh atmosphere. You do not have to work with too much hassle, and what’s better is – it won’t cost you as much! But this change can definitely make your house seem brand new.

Here are 8 paint ideas for you to choose, in order to make your house look fresher and attractive!

1. White

The first color which is very suitable to be used for houses is white. You might think that the white color will seem too plain and unattractive – but this is certainly not true. Painting your wall house with white color can make your house look spacious, fresh, and attractive.

Moreover, if your living room has good natural lighting, this will be a great additional feature. To make your house design more interesting, you can add a splash of color inside the house – through the furniture, or wall decoration that you used.

2. Cream

The cream color is also a kind of color that looks natural and certainly can give a fresh vibe in the house. In addition to refreshing, cream color is able to evoke a warm feeling thus will make you feel comfortable staying inside. The cream color is also often associated with “vintage” and “rustic”. Thus if you like this kind of house design and want to apply it to your house – then using a cream color as your wall paint will definitely be the perfect fit.

3. Pastel

Using pastel colors for your wall paint can give a cheerful impression. Pastel consists of several colors including, pastel green, pastel pink, pastel blue, and many other pastel color ranges. Pastel walls will be suitable to combine with white color furnishing. Avoid combining pastel wall paint with brightly colored furniture and decorations, because you don’t want everything to look too much.

4. Green

Green will be the ultimate color you should use if you want to make your house feel fresh and close to nature. This is because the green paint around your house will remind you of the lush trees. Utilizing green color can help provide calm and comfort for everyone who sees it. To make the room look more fresher, you can also add some artificial ornamental plants inside the house.

5. Sky Blue

The bright blue color of the sky can give a cheerful impression to anyone who sees it. Thus, you should also apply a sky blue color to your wall paint.

6. Monochrome

The monochrome color is a combination of white and black color. If you can combine this black and white color well, then your living room will not only look good but also increase its aesthetic value. There are plenty of interesting decorations that you can use to mix and match with black and white colors.

7. Turquoise

Turquoise color is a kind of color that is indeed lively and attractive, but it won’t appear too much for the eye.

8. Lilac

Lilac is one of the contemporary color trends that is widely used as house paint. Lilac itself symbolizes something elegant, feminine, and romantic. The soft color can bring coolness and create a fresher impression. In order not to be too flashy, you can use additional decorations with soft colors, such as pink and white.

The color of the wall paint in your home has a huge influence on the overall atmosphere of the house. By changing the color of the wall paint, you can create a new and different atmosphere, thus preventing you from getting bored with your house design.

Choosing the perfect new color for your house wall is very important. Because after repainting, your house vibe will definitely change. Also, it is important to make sure you choose a good quality paint brand. This is because a good paint quality can be able to last much longer, and it won’t be easily dull. Thus it will be more economical because you do not have to repaint your house too often.

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