Safety Tips: 11 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women

The world is currently experiencing a steady rise in cases of violence against women. 35 percent of women worldwide are likely to suffer violence at the hands of their spouses. With the rising cases of violence against women around the world, every woman must learn how to defend herself.

This article offers you the 11 best self-defense weapons for women that can save your life.

Why All Women Should Carry a Self-Defense Weapon


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Carrying a self-defense weapon will benefit you in many ways that go beyond feeling safe and brave. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have something to defend yourself in case of a violent attack. For so long, women were believed to be weak and defenseless. This notion motivated criminals to attack women without regard because they knew they couldn’t fight back.

But with the ongoing awareness campaigns to sensitize women about the importance of carrying self-defense weapons, women can stand up for themselves and fight off their attackers before they harm them.

Some women are even taking self-defense courses to be able to protect themselves when they encounter hostility and violence. Here are the main reasons why every woman should carry a self-defense weapon.

1. Nature Is Unfair to Women

The latest statistics show that an average adult American man is about five times taller than an average adult American woman. Men are also naturally stronger and heavier than women. So, even if a woman is a well-trained martial artist, her tiny physique makes it difficult for her to fight an untrained man who’s five times larger than her.

So, the only way she can fight off the man is with an effective self-defense weapon. Unfortunately, many criminals target women and children because they know they don’t have a real chance of challenging them. Also, these criminals will strike you when you are alone and isolated.

2. Everyone Else Is Armed

Believe it or not, we are living in a society where everyone is armed. A study done by Small Arms Survey in 2018 revealed that more than 1 billion small arms are distributed globally every year. At least 80 percent of these arms end up in the hands of civilians. According to the study, 393 million of these arms are owned by American civilians.

Armed forces around the world only control 133 million of the total number of small arms distributed globally every year, while the law enforcement agencies control about 23 million of the small arms.

Governments around the world are making it easy for civilians to own guns and other types of lethal weapons, posing a danger to vulnerable groups. So, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should arm yourself with a self-defense weapon. It will give you a chance to defend yourself during a violent attack. You could even build your own gun to help familiarize yourself with it. If that’s something that interests you, check out

Even if your attacker doesn’t have a gun, they can still cause you serious bodily harm with simple weapons like pocket knives, baseball bats, clubs, etc. A self-defense weapon helps you to defend yourself against such assaults.

3. The World Isn’t Safe

We are living at a time when anything can happen at any time. Gone are the days when you could walk around town at night without the fear of being attacked. Unfortunately, today nobody is completely safe. With the rising cases of extremism, racism, and gender bias, it almost feels like you’re a moving target every time you step out of your house.

Your friends, relatives, and neighbors can turn against you and try to harm you even without provocation. So, you must be prepared to defend yourself all the time. A good self-defense weapon can help you thwart an attack by disabling the aggressor.

Fighting an attacker with bare hands might prove to be a losing battle for you, especially if it’s a man. Even a trained fighter knows the chances of survival are minimal when they’re facing an opponent that is five times their size. As a woman, the odds are stuck against you in such a situation.

Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women

As noted above, the only effective way to defend yourself during a violent attack is to use a self-defense weapon. This weapon doesn’t have to be a firearm; it can be a simple non-lethal weapon that you can safely and conveniently carry in your purse. Here are the best self-defense weapons for women.

1. Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen

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A tactical pen resembles a pocket knife and can easily be concealed in the purse. It also works perfectly as a writing tool, meaning that your attacker will assume you don’t have anything to defend yourself with. Despite being a normal pen, this tactical pen has a pointed wedge that can pierce through a strong cardboard surface. It’s a perfect non-lethal weapon to always have in your purse.

2. Tactical Knife


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One thing that separates a tactical knife from the traditional kitchen-variety knives is the fact that it doesn’t look like a knife. Most tactical knives are designed to look like hairbrushes or pens. Your attacker will only realize that you’re armed with a knife when you are close to them.

A tactical knife can also clip onto your belt or clothes so that you can easily access it when you’re under attack. It’s available in different sizes and lengths. Choose the right thickness and length for your tactical blade so that it’s strong enough to inflict damage and light enough to carry around conveniently.

3. Stun Gun


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A stun gun is an affordable and convenient self-defense weapon that works more effectively at close range. It’s designed to deliver an electrical shock to your attacker. It’s also concealable because it’s small and light enough to be carried in a purse.

Some stun guns look like lipstick cases while others are disguised as cellphones. Despite their small sizes, these weapons can deliver millions of volts to the aggressor. But you have to check what the law in your country says about stun guns because some American states have proscribed them.

4. Mace or Pepper Spray


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Pepper spray is a classic embodiment of a female self-defense weapon. It’s designed to blind your adversary for a long time to allow you to escape the attack. The latest pepper sprays come with improved technologies that enable them to deliver maximum effect.

They’re portable and long-lasting. An average pepper spray container can deliver about 20 shots at a distance of 10 to 20 feet. You can also camouflage your pepper spray as an ordinary item in your purse or pocket. It comes in a case that looks like a lipstick case.

5. Taser


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Law enforcement officers commonly use Tasers in situations that don’t warrant the use of lethal force. This device delivers an electrical shock that shuts down your attacker’s nervous system to incapacitate them completely. A Taser can deliver an electrical shock with a range of 15 feet.

6. Tactical Keychain


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Tactical keychains look very cute but can deliver maximum damage when used properly. It uses the old brass knuckle concept. It comes with sharp external spikes and two holes to fit your fingers.

7. Flashlight


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A flashlight may not look like a weapon, but it’s capable of delivering 500 lumens of light. This amount of light is six times the normal amount of light that’s capable of blinding your adversary. But a flashlight is more effective when used at night.

8. Monkey Ball

Monkey Ball

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A monkey ball is designed to make your tactical keychain more effective. It’s a nylon cord with an innocent ball of yarn. The ball is made of pure steel and is an inch thick. So, although it looks like an innocent toy, this ball is capable of knocking out your attacker.

9. Spikes


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These are high-tension plastic spikes used on tactical keychains to deliver the brass knuckle effect. They can also be worn as rings or concealed in your shoelaces to help you deliver an instant debilitating kick to your attacker.

Self-Defense Weapons That Are Effective Sometimes

Some self-defense weapons for women require you to be trained to use them effectively. If used properly, these weapons can deliver maximum damage. Here are several examples of self-defense weapons for women.

10. Firearm


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A firearm is a highly effective self-defense weapon, but you have to undergo training to be able to use it effectively during an attack. For instance, you need to learn how to draw and use your firearm at close range, especially during a sexual assault. Check what the law in your country says about owning a firearm before you buy one.

11. Batons


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Batons come in different forms, including singlesticks, metal rods, and more. You can use them to fend off an attacker. They’re mainly used by law enforcement officers to subdue suspects without using lethal force.

If you live in a country where civilians aren’t allowed to own firearms, a baton is a great self-defense weapon for you. Fortunately, there’re expandable batons that you can attach to your keychain or purse.