What Are the Best Spots for Coffee Lovers in New York City? 

New York’s coffee shops rank among the best options for experiencing real coffee around the globe, and just entering the location creates a worthy experience. These spots will feel like heaven for coffee lovers but are also suitable for design enthusiasts, foodies, and those searching for beautiful locations to read or work.

As New York is known as the city that never sleeps, maybe what keeps it awake all the time is coffee, and we truly understand that because we don’t know what we would do without this drink. As there is no better way to spend a morning than to relax and drink your coffee, New York understands the people’s needs, which is why it has such large coffee shop options. But because there are so many, it is hard to know which one to visit first.

But don’t worry; we have prepared a list of the best coffee shops to make searching easier for you.


The coffee shop has rightfully chosen this Spanish word for its name, as it means devotion in English, and they are really devoted to serving the most delicious coffee in New York. They offer clients some of the freshest cups of this drink, where the raw coffee beans are brought from their partner in Bogota, Columbia and are roasted in the café. You can find this spot in more than one location in New York, in areas spread all over the city, such as Williamsburg, Dumbo, Flatiron or Downtown Brooklyn. 

The design of the space also helps, as the vintage furniture and exposed bricks attract lots of customers, and people really tend to gather here with their laptops to work or attend business meetings. If that is also your case, and you came to New York on a business trip, you need to consider purchasing an international sim card that has unlimited data and will let you work without fearing that the internet connection will get lost.

Café Grumpy

If you thought that when entering the place you would meet only sad people because of the café name, you are wrong as the area is known for its friendly environment and delicious coffee. Although the business started in 2005, only after introducing the roasted coffee options the locations became popular among the locals and tourists. Now, anyone who gets a sip of their coffee can feel the dedication with which it is made.

Café Grumpy has an unbeatable marketing strategy, and with their logo of a less-than-thrilled character, they attract plenty of visitors. Many of them come to take a photo with it and are soon drawn to sit at the table and enjoy a good time.

New York benefits from this café brand in 11 locations, and each of them is known for having customers from the first hours of the day until late when it closes. If you are visiting this location from far away, you need to start a video call with your friends to show them the interesting caricature from the logo. In this regard, it will be good to consider an eSim before arriving in the USA, as the card has unlimited data that will let you have the best time in America while also keeping in touch with your loved ones. 

Butler Bake Shop

Butler Bake Shop was opened in 2016 when a chief, Ryan Butler, decided to start this very successful business. Over the years, the place has been appreciated for its menu options and delicious coffee made by Intelligentsia coffee roasters. As it is always roasted to perfection, here you will enjoy one of the best and smoothest coffees from New York.

No matter the time you visit, Butler will have the best variant for you, as there are plenty of varieties from which to choose the perfect cup of hot or iced coffee. They have many locations in New York and are always full of friends chatting or people on their laptops. So, you need to try this coffee shop when coming to New York.


If you ask for coffee recommendations from locals, they will surely mention Maman in the first options. The coffee shop is stunning and influenced by the French style, which can also be found in the food and drinks. There are plenty of coffee alternatives here and a long list of food available.

With their famous Maman’s breakfast sandwich signature made from a cornmeal focaccia bun filled with bacon jam, roasted tomatoes, avocado and fried egg, the café satisfies even the most picky tastes. The sweets are also amazing, and you can opt for homemade Oreos, crème brulee cookies, vegan croissants, and the list can continue. Plus, their delicacies have been appreciated even by celebrities, like Oprah, who mentioned that Maman’s nutty chocolate chip cookie is one of her favorite things. 


If you are a coffee and plant lover, you will be thrilled to discover that the café PlantShed combines two of your favorite things. For locals, the location represents an oasis and a refuge where to escape from the giant concrete jungle. The place also has flowers and plants for sale, so you can visit the space if you are looking for a present with which you will not fail.

Otherwise, you can come here to enjoy a well-deserved delicious coffee in a unique place. PlanShed is also spread around the city, offering alternatives to all types of flowers. The same goes for coffee, as you will find plenty of kinds, from espresso and matcha to seasonal specials, like Maple Cinnamon lattes and Pumpkin Spice.

Final Words

The list can continue with % Arabica, Abraco, Hungry Ghost, and the list can continue, as New York is a paradise for coffee lovers. So, if you are looking for a place to travel this summer to satisfy your coffee addiction, you should try New York, as the city will not disappoint.