What Is The Best Strain Of Weed To Grow Outdoors?

Washington, D.C. and 34 states have legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis. More than half of them allow at-home cannabis growing in some form. As a result, interest in cultivating personal outdoor crops is increasing. But, not every strain is well suited to outdoor growth, and some require expert care to produce the best results.

Growers with some experience who want to cultivate a hearty strain will do well with Grease Monkey, an aromatic hybrid that combines the best traits of its parents. Grease Monkey cannabis can help with insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, and stress. Its relaxing properties make it ideal for medicinal and recreational use, especially since the effects kick in slowly but allow users to maintain focus.

Grease Monkey: A Hybrid Strain With Great Parents

Developed by Exotic Genetix, Grease Monkey is an indica dominant strain developed by combining Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream. Because of its heritage, users can rely on Grease Monkey to provide ultimate relaxation but still allow them to go about their day.

This strain’s unique scent combines potent diesel and sugary sweetness. Plants’ have a pungent aroma, so this is not the ideal strain for those who do not want anyone to know they are growing or using weed.

Growers Should Have Some Experience

It is easy to find Grease Monkey seeds, and it is not the most difficult strain to cultivate. However, crops require regular maintenance, so growers should have at least some experience to get the best results.

According to WayofLeaf, the strain is a good choice for those who have limited growing space. Plants are strongly disease-resistant and stand up against molds, mildews, fungus, and bacteria. Because it needs a certain level of care to thrive, it is best if growers practice on easier strains before growing Grease Monkey outdoors.

Crops Thrive In Mild Weather

Grease Monkey does well indoors or out but needs the right climate. Plants like a mild environment. Per Marijuana Science, if you choose to grow it outdoors, ensure the environment is humid, and temperatures consistently range from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The strain’s potent scent also makes it better suited to outdoor cultivation. If you decide to grow it indoors, you will face a strong, dank odor, requiring carbon filters to mitigate the smell.

Plants Can Get Tall

Another reason to grow this strain outdoors is the plants’ potential height. Plants can get tall, and you need to prune and top them routinely to prevent growth from getting out of hand. Regular trimming and pruning ensure buds are tidy and manageable.

Flowering time for Grease Monkey is 8-9 weeks, and crops are typically harvested in October.

Expect A Bountiful Harvest

Grease Monkey grows like a Sativa strain, and if you can provide the ideal outdoor environment, plants will yield up to 21 oz per plant. When outdoor growers harvest in October, the cannabinoids and terpenes have matured to their peak levels, providing the best quality you can reap from the strain.

Plants produce forest green buds with a fluffy appearance and a sparse covering of orange hairs. Their short, glittering milky white trichomes shine through.

Grease Monkey is a cannabis strain that does very well in an outdoor growing environment. Plants do best in mild weather, tend to be tall, and are generally harvested in October when they provide a healthy harvest. Since plants need routine care that includes pruning and trimming, you should have some experience before growing this strain.