When Is The Best Time To Play Slots At A Casino?

Slot machines are one of the easiest – and, thus, most popular – casino games that people play.

Ever since one-payline, classic slot machines were established, people have been rushing to casinos and spinning one line after another, hoping to earn copious amounts of money – sometimes even jackpots.

And this hasn’t changed much by today, even.

The only differences are that, firstly, there are significantly more types of slot machine games that can be played in physical casinos. And secondly, there are also online casinos, which allow gamblers to spin and win from wherever they are, using their computers or phones.

Considering the popularity of slot machines, there have inevitably emerged rumors that casino players can ‘hack’ the slots. That is that they can win more if they play during certain times of the day.

Is there any truth to this? We’ll give you the answer below!

What are RTP and RNG?

To determine whether certain times of day (or week, or month) are more favorable when it comes to winning, we first need to understand how physical and online slot machines work.

Slot machines are programmed according to an RNG – random number generator.

This guarantees that every spin, the amount of money invested, or the result of the preceding spin has the same probability of hitting the jackpot. The numbers are randomized, meaning that nobody can predict the result of spins.

However, RTP (return-to-player) is meant to influence RNG by considering the number of spins played by the same gambler and investing money into said spins. This allows gamblers who wager more on slot machines to earn more from their spins proportionally. 

And while RTP can influence the long-term results of physical slot machines, the best uk online casino tends to be governed solely by RNG. This means that regardless of the circumstances, the probability of winning or losing remains the same.

When Is the Best Time to Play Slots at an Online Casino?

The answer is whenever you feel like it.

Disappointing as it may sound, no time of day brings better results when playing slots at online casinos. Considering how the outcome of each spin is completely randomized, you won’t win more if you play at night, compared to playing in the morning or during the day, for example.

The only time-related circumstance that you may want to consider is extreme weather conditions. Try to avoid playing games during storms, blizzards, or any other kinds of abnormal weather conditions, due to their ability to influence internet stability. This may lead to a situation where you lose your wins due to a power outage.

That aside, feel free to play whenever you like.

When Is the Best Time to Play Slots at Land-Based Casinos?

Regardless of rumors or conspiracy theories, the situation is similar to land-based casinos.

Even though RTP is enabled, the only thing it guarantees is that you won’t lose too much money in the long run after wagering staggering amounts.

No miraculous jackpots are guaranteed.

This may come as a surprise to those who’ve heard that you have a better chance of winning if you play at night or early in the morning. The truth, however, is that there are more recorded wins at night because most people are only free to go to casinos after they finish work.

Logically, the more people spin, the higher the probability for a jackpot to appear.

The only circumstance where the time of day may come into play is if you’re considering playing games with massive progressive jackpots. These games increase the possibility of players hitting the jackpot as more spins pile on.

In other words, the more people playing at a casino, the better the chance for one of them to hit the jackpot. If this is what you’re after, it’s best to go to the casino at night – when there are huge crowds.

In the morning, the casino will be empty; you’ll be able to play as much as you want in peace and, if there’s a progressive jackpot, you may reap the benefits of all the players from the previous night.

Aside from this particular situation, though, you can play slot machines whenever you want, and the chance of winning will always remain the same.

Some Extra Considerations

If we have to point out some recommendations when it comes to the best time for playing slots, there are two factors that we’d advise you to consider:

Salary Days

Try to play shortly before you get your monthly salary. That way, you won’t be tempted to gamble away all your hard-earned money the moment you get them.

You’ll play with some of your remaining funds and, regardless of whether you win or lose, you’ll get your monthly salary a day or two after that.

It would be best if you didn’t forget that casinos and gambling should be a source of fun, not a way to risk your living.

Available Bonuses or Promotions

Another thing to consider – regardless of whether you’re looking at land-based or online casinos – is available promotions or bonuses. If you’re thinking about the best time to spin slot machines, then it’s definitely when there’s a juicy bonus available.

If you have to make a choice, avoid gambling when there’s nothing extra featured in the game.


To sum things up, we’d have to say that in most situations, whether you’re playing an online game, or going to a physical casino, the time of day – or week, month, year – doesn’t matter!

Play whenever you want, have fun, and eventually, you’ll win!