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Choosing The Right Bikini And Swimwear This Summer

The summer season calls for white sandy beaches on glistening sunny days with friends and family. The warm summer breeze can give you the most memorable beach days of your life. Going on a beach either for a swim or just basking in the sun demands gorgeous and trendy bikinis and swimsuits. Whether you have a perfect summer body or not, you can always choose perfect bikini tops for yourself. 

If you are bikini shopping for the first time and you want to look trendy while remaining in your comfort zone, then here is a guide to choosing the right swimsuit or bikini for yourself. 

Understand Your Body Type

Every woman has a different body shape and size. When you are looking for the perfect bikini clothing or a swimsuit for yourself, always consider your body shape and size. One wrong move and your perfect cute bikini can become a horrible wardrobe disaster. You do not want that to be your only memory. 

Look for your body shape and understand the concept completely. You should know what an H-shaped body, a pear-shaped body, or an apple-shaped body is. Knowing this information can help you make the right fashion choices at many places, let alone bikini shopping. 

You can choose the right bikini or swimsuit only by considering your body shape first. 

1. For H-shaped Body

An H-shaped body has more volume around the hip areas while the upper portion of the body is perfectly figured. If you have such a body type, you would want to put more attention on the upper half of the body, while giving the illusion of a slimmer bottom. 

You should look for striped or printed tops, while choosing a solid-colored bottom, preferably in black. 

2. For Larger Bust

Larger busts means you draw more attention to your bust. If you want to accentuate your features, then well and good. However, if you do not feel comfortable, look for something that gives the illusion of a smaller bust, such as by avoiding striped tops. 

Another thing to keep in mind would be to avoid strings as they might fail to hold your assets in the wave pressure, exposing you to the public. Look for bra-style tops to avoid wardrobe mismanagement. 

3. For Shorter Legs

If you have shorter legs, you can make them look longer and slimmer with a few simple tricks. The bikini bottom you buy should be high-waisted. High waists make your legs look longer than they actually are. 

4. For Longer Legs

Similarly, if your legs are longer than your torso, you can balance out the upper and lower halves of the body by choosing the bikini that elongates your upper half. For the bottoms, you should consider choosing briefs, or underwear style bikini bottoms that give more coverage to your hip area. 

5. Hiding Tummy In Swimsuit

Most women complain of belly sag, postpartum tummy, and cellulite. These tummy bulges can take the essence of a good bikini away. However, moms do not need to feel disheartened. What if you can not wear a bikini? You can always wear a tankini. 

A tankini is a type of swimsuit that provides cover to the upper half, while you can choose how much exposure you want to give to the lower half. Look for something high-waisted that will provide a cover to your belly, while giving you the perfect beach outfit. You should also look for fabric that has a tummy-control feature. 

Consider Your Requirements

The second thing to consider after body shape would be the type of lifestyle you have when choosing the right bikini for yourself. The lifestyle or your preference at the beach should also be a deciding factor when choosing a bikini or a swimsuit. 

1. For Water Sports

If you are an active sports girl who loves to swim against the water waves, or you are involved in water sports such as skiing, paragliding, and bungee jumping, then your choice for bikinis should be rather practical.   

An active sports girl should consider bra-style bikini tops, those that can provide enough support and coverage against the water pressure. Strings and deep cuts might not be the option for you. However, you do not need to look like a grandma. You can always pick high-waisted bottoms to give your legs an accent. 

2. For Tanning

If you are going to the beach for the sole purpose of spending a lazy day basking in the sun then you might want minimum coverage. You can soak up all the sun rays while giving the perfect beach outfit goals in your perfect string bikini top and bottom. 

You might also want to avoid tan lines. String bikinis can do the job perfectly. If you are not afraid of revealing too much of yourself in public, you can go for sheer bikinis that can help you get the perfect bronze without any tan lines.

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