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Best Bitcoin Crypto Signals

To trade profitably on crypto exchanges, everybody should have an effective strategy. But not everyone has such a thing, and beginners, mostly, are lost in guesses: what kind of cryptocurrency is worth buying and when; it is difficult to determine when it is worth selling assets so as not to incur losses.

Crypto trading signals for cryptocurrencies are recommendations to traders about profitable points of purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.

The principle of working with trading signals is quite simple. A novice trader only needs to follow the analyst’s recommendations, open and close orders based on the best crypto signals that will be provided immediately when there are changes in the market.

Cryptocurrency signals are delivered through specially designed communication channels in chats, messengers, social networks, or crypto exchanges, like CEX.IO who provides signals on their blog. Channels are divided into three types:

• open – anyone can get the cryptocurrency trading signals for free;
• closed – you need to pay for a subscription;
• conditionally open – access is granted upon registration or performing another formal action.

Let us look at the best paid and free options.

1. IndexaCo

IndexaCo is a multi-functional service that provides all the necessary information for successful cryptocurrency trading and the best Bitcoin indicators in particular.

The section “Analysis and forecast of cryptocurrencies” presents both technical analyses of various cryptocurrencies, as well as free crypto signals and recommendations from professional traders of the service.

Advantages of using IndexaCo

A large number of both paid and free signals and the best Bitcoin indicators from crypto trading professionals.


One of the broadest cryptocurrency analysts. Professionals give cryptocurrency trading signals daily, including Bitcoin trading signals, to help each user earn on changes in the course of crypto.

Subscription price

Absolutely free.

2. TradingView

TradingView is a web service for tracking quotes in real-time via any browser. Allows you to track other users’ forecasts or make your own.

The service has three tariff plans from $9.95 to $39.95 per month, each can be activated in test mode for 30 days. Depending on the selected tariff, users receive different tools for analysis.

Advantages of using TradingView

Free use for 30 days.


It contains a lot of professional tools for analysis and allows you to customize the signals at your discretion.

Subscription price

From $9.95 to $39.95.

3. CoinMarketAlert

CoinMarketAlert is an online platform that provides convenient tools for tracking the cryptomarket. CoinMarketCap data can be divided into two categories:

• Free of charge. This category includes information about changes in the value of a particular cryptocurrency and possible profits and losses.

• Extended. They are provided for $1 per month and additionally inform the trader about changes in trading volume, market capitalization, and the release of new coins.

Users will learn about all important changes in the market in emails, push notifications, or Telegrams.

The platform provides users with tools for implementing cryptocurrency warnings on their website using HTML code or JavaScript, and also offers to conduct Bounty companies to promote the site.

Advantages of using CoinMarketAlert

The ability to receive notifications via three communication channels.


The application allows you to integrate data into websites.

Subscription price

$1 per month.

4. Coindera

Coindera allows you to create Bitcoin signals with changes in trading volume, value, study charts, and moving averages, such as EMA & SMA, to easily track trends.

The service operates under two tariff plans: Free and Pro. In the free mode, 5 signals are available to users, and with the Pro option, an unlimited number of notifications are available for $10 per month. Moving averages and other more advanced features are ideal for more experienced traders. They come with an extended set that allows you to receive alerts instantly.

The platform collects data from more than 30 trading platforms, including Cryptsy, Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKCoin, BTC-E, BTCChina, and Bitstamp, which allows users to monitor any of the 11,000 cryptocurrencies.

The signals are sent via SMS, push notifications, email, and Telegram.

Advantages of using Coindera

Allows you to track all changes with cryptocurrencies.


Tracks 30 exchanges and all coins.

Subscription price

$10 a month.

5. CryptoWolf

CryptoWolf is the first tool on the market of cryptocurrency signals. The service was created by a team of experienced crypto traders in mid-2017. At the moment, it is used by more than 7000 active traders.

CryptoWolf offers a wide range of profit signals for various cryptocurrencies and other functionality:

• High-quality signals for altcoins.
• Signals for intraday margin trading.
• Individual consultations for subscribers on all issues related to trade.
• The author’s video course on trading, which will help you learn the profession of the future and start earning from the first day.

Advantages of using TradingView

A large number of signals, 85-90% of which are triggered in profit; suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.


Author’s strategies and time-tested tools. All signals are available on the website in your personal account in a convenient interface with a schedule.


Trading signals significantly simplify the conclusion of profitable transactions, especially for novice traders. Many providers are ready to share information about upcoming changes on a paid or free basis or to notify about the course movements promptly.

It is up to the trader to decide on what principle to perform trading operations, but, one way or another, trading signals allow you to find out information as quickly as possible without the need to independently track the cost on trading platforms. You can visit website to learn more about trading with cryptos.

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