blended family wedding ceremony ideas

8 Wholesome Blended Family Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Two families becoming one is one of the most beautiful moments in a couple’s life. But it’s also probably the most stressful one. Once we top that all off with having to explore ceremony/reception venue options, wedding dress and rings, creating video wedding invitations, hiring videographers, and what not to plan a wedding, the whole thing gets much more nerve-racking.

So to help take some of the pressure off our brides and grooms, we’ve come up with some incredible blended family wedding ceremony ideas.

This list of beautiful rituals is there to provide some inspiration and make everything flow seamlessly. Without further ado, here are the best wedding ceremony ideas for blended families.

1. Custom Wedding Gift

Wedding things are very much, a lot of places will not be considered to cause some mistakes. Guests may have to wait a long time. We can prepare a gift for them in advance so they can attend the wedding and get thoughtful gifts. 

Customize a wedding gift. Guests will have more expectations and love for the wedding, and will leave a good memorial. 

Custom socks are a good option. It’s not a very expensive wedding gift, but it’s very practical and very heartwarming.

2. Creating Sand Ceremony Kits

Creating a sand kit for the ceremony is a wonderful way to include the little ones on the wedding day. Each family member will get a small cylinder (preferably made of glass) that’s filled with colorful sand. Then, they’ll pour their sand into a bigger container.

Of course, instead of a glass cylinder, we can use pretty much anything to hold the sand.

The mix of the multi-colored sand represents a family coming together. After the ceremony, we can proudly display the vase or cylinder somewhere in the home.

Using Candy

For those who want something more imaginative, but with a similar concept, we recommend using candy instead of sand. We suggest using small jars, decorating them, and writing the names of each family member.

Then, everyone can choose their favorite candy and put them in their own jar. Before or after the ceremony, the kids can take their candy and use it to fill a unity jar.

Finally, once the kids have put their candy in the bigger jar, the couple can do the same to show how the two families are coming together.

3. Lighting Unity Candles

Lighting unity candles before or after the ceremony is a more classic way to celebrate a blended family.

Each family member will get a single candle, which they’ll light. Then, one at a time or all together, the couple and the kids will use their candles to light a much bigger, pillar candle.

Depending on personal preference, the pillar candle can have some sort of symbol or inscription on it that symbolizes the family. Just like the unity sand, the candle can be proudly displayed somewhere in the home, once the ceremony is over.

4. Making Blended Bouquets

Making blended bouquets is one of our personal favorite blended family wedding ceremony ideas. Before the ceremony, everyone in the family can pick out their favorite flower. Then, just before the wedding starts, they can hand it to the bride one by one.

Once she has received all of the flowers, the ceremony can begin. After the party’s over, the couple can dry the flowers, and keep them as a memento of the day.

5. Exchanging Symbols of Commitment

In most wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom exchange rings as a symbol of their love. Even though usually only couples take part in this ritual, other family members can join in and exchange some symbols of commitment.

Depending on personal preference and the age of the children, these can be rings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets. Going forward, the family members will always have the keepsakes to cherish the special day.

6. A Grand Wedding Party

Another beautiful way to celebrate two families coming together is by including all family members in the wedding party. For example, the daughters can be the flower girls and/or the bridesmaids. On the other hand, boys can be ring bearers and/or groomsmen.

Having every child play a role in the ceremony is a great way to ensure no one feels left out.

7. Exchanging Vows

We also love the idea of the entire family expressing their vows to each other. So instead of just the couple professing their love, everyone can get up and get a chance to say what they love about their family.

Again, everyone will be included in the wedding ceremony and no one will feel left out. That will give every family member the chance to express their feelings and make the whole day even more special.

8. Planting a Family Tree

Planting a family tree is one of the ultimate blended family wedding ceremony ideas and the perfect symbol of a family’s unity. Everyone in the family can either take a scoop of soil or a bit of water and add it to a potted plant during the ceremony. After the party, the family can plant it in their yard or in a park and nourish it together for years to come.

9. Marquee Wedding

Invest in a luxury marquee. Capri or Clearspan models are especially good when the ceremony, reception and evening party are all held in one place. Their adaptability and the affordable price tag have seen marquee hire grow across the last decade.

Modern marquees include luxury fixtures and fittings including flooring, heat and air conditioning, furniture and mixed lighting such as Ambient, Task, Accent and Decorative, depending on the time of day or night.

Final Thoughts

Those were our seven blended family wedding ceremony ideas that will, hopefully, make the special day even better. And prepare an Espresso machine for a long wedding party. Keep celebrating the wedding without sleep. They are all incredibly creative and will help bring the family even closer together. Also, all of the ideas are easy to do and, more importantly, won’t put a huge dent in the wedding budget!

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