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The Basics Of Board Portals And What Exactly Does A Board Portal Do?

Board portals are software developed especially for staff members to govern and produce corporate documents, and to assist board members in exchanging, viewing, and noting books and all other conference files in a digital format. Virtual board software is currently an indispensable thing for the board of directors in large and medium-sized companies. Small businesses can use it, too, at least to prepare themselves for growth.

All business processes require a lot of involvement from various other employees and it is the board portal that optimizes this. This application has all the useful and necessary features for proper performance.

More often, board members are scattered geographically. This is another problem that this type of application solves.

If you want to choose the product yourself, the source for deciding should be reliable.

What Do Board Portals Do?

As previously mentioned, board management software has a lot of different features that aim to simplify the whole work process. So, the basic functions are:

• Reading and annotating documents. A huge amount of work goes into paperwork and drafting paper copies. The board portal provides the opportunity to conduct business with a modern paperless meeting solution. With this, you can easily read documents, annotate and track the development activity of each individual document.

• Calendars. Board members are usually busy people and that is why the calendar is a basic feature that should be in every board portal software. With its help, various issues are solved and events are planned for a particular day.

• Creating Board Books. It is one of the most important things in a company. You may need to upload and organize hundreds of documents. Luckily, the system itself makes this process as seamless and fast as possible.

• Collaboration. This point is especially important for those companies whose board members are located in different parts of the world. With the online board meeting solution, it is possible to bring many people together into one unit.

• Mobile Usability. What in today’s world is there without devices like smartphones? Most good virtual board software supports modern mobile operating systems like Android or iOS. It helps always to be in touch and doesn’t miss an emergency meeting when one of the board members isn’t at work in the office.

How To Choose?

This is not an exhaustive list of needs for different solutions to satisfy your demands. It can be difficult to choose the right system. So here are a few tips on how to help you narrow down your options and concentrate on the packages that are most likely to work best for you:

• Take into account how board members will use the portal. Several board portals are not supported on devices running Android or Windows 8.1. The user interfaces for board members who access the board portal from a desktop or laptop vary significantly between systems. Your choice of a solution that has relatively common web and mobile interfaces would make it easier to maintain your entire board.

• Determine your company’s priorities. Not many systems provide built-in functionality for online presentations during virtual board meetings. The majority of such portals request the use of third-party online meeting tools, such as WebEx or GoToMeeting. There are some foundations that may prefer to keep any talks that may be an issue for you.


Board management software has pushed the business to the next level. This thing is now helping most companies grow because of the automation of processes and the ability to stay in touch with all the people in most cases. Now you don’t need a thousand pieces of paper because this type of application provides a paperless meeting solution.

You can ask yourself a couple of questions before you buy:

• Price-related questions. Determine a reasonable cost for yourself and set a ceiling on your monthly subscription.

• Questions related to technical support. Is integration with Android or Apple phones important?

• Support-related questions. Most Board Portals provide stable 24/7 support, but it can vary.

• Feature-related questions. Do you need the ability to electronically sign documents? Because some of the top products don’t have some functions that you may need.

A careful comparison can help you choose the perfect product for your company. If you choose at random, you can make a mistake at least in terms of the availability of the necessary features. Look for the basic functionality, but also keep in mind some extra options that can make the business processes much easier.

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