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Bohemian Interior Design: Best Tips For Creating Seamless Boho Style

If you are a big fan of the boho style, you are definitely not the only one. It originated back in the 1960s and it has remained popular since then. Regardless of whether we are talking about fashion or interior design, boho is known for its bold colors and textures.

This style is inspired by world travels, so if you consider yourself a free spirit, it might be perfect for you. If you wish to bring warmth and color to your home, here are several tips for creating your boho oasis.

Go with Vibrant Colors

Boho is known for its bold colors and patterns, but that doesn’t mean you should combine just any colors. In order to achieve a stylish look, go with earthy tones and rich jewel colors. When it comes to patterns, feel free to embellish your home with florals and Moroccan prints. Throw pillows can help you create a mismatched, eclectic look, so make sure they have a place on your living room couch.

Set the Mood

Bohemian style is all about layers, and that also includes lighting. Your light sources shouldn’t be just practical, they should also be interesting to look at. Instead of one overhead light opt for several unique lamps scattered all over the room. You can go with authentic skull lamps from Skull Bliss, string lights (they are not just for Christmas), or decorative lamps made from lanterns or baskets.

Invite Nature into Your Home

This style celebrates nature, so it is no wonder that plants are a crucial element of a boho home. Instead of creating a messy jungle, make sure to layer plant heights. Place some of them on the floor, some on the shelves, and to make your home appear larger, hang planters from the ceiling.

Stick to low maintenance plants so that they always stay lush. If you are not a plant person and you even manage to kill a cactus, go with faux ones. These days you can find amazing plants made from plastic that look like the real deal.

Another way to make your home feel more ‘earthy’ is to get furniture and accessories with natural elements. Rattan chairs, macramé hammocks, leather poufs, a wicker bookcase from Nathan James for example, or a wooden stool are all pieces that will help you create a boho home.

Play with Textures

As mentioned, boho is about layers, so don’t forget to layer textures just like you’ve layered colors and patterns. For example, a woven blanket placed strategically on the leather sofa that rests on a shag rug will give your living room that boho vibe. A playful combo of textures and patterns just screams boho and feels artsy and interesting, so let your imagination run wild.

Visit Garage Sales

Turning your home into a boho haven doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, this style is about creating a warm and inviting space, and vintage, broken-in furniture is ideal for it.

Therefore, check out your grandma’s attic and see what treasures it holds, or visit garage sales in your neighborhood and look for new pieces for your home. The best thing about old, vintage furniture is that it is usually made from solid hardwood (and not plywood) so you can easily restore its old shine and bring an element of nature to your place. Keep in mind that you should opt for pieces with soft, curved lines, not sharp edges.

When it comes to boho, more is more, so don’t be afraid to create small piles of pillows on the rug, display your souvenirs on the shelves or even hang woven macramé pieces on the walls. Your home should reflect your personality, so make sure you include elements that have a story and help you express yourself.

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