Benefits of Booking a Flight with a Credit Card

Among other benefits, using your credit card to book your flight offers a number of advantages. You can avoid foreign transaction fees and baggage fees, earn points, and enjoy lounge access. The following are just some of the advantages of using your credit card for booking a flight. So, get your travel plans underway and start taking advantage of these benefits today. Read on to discover how. You might even find some that you had not even considered.

Waived baggage fees

Using your credit card to pay for a flight is a great way to get the benefit of waived baggage fees. You will not have to worry about paying any baggage fees as long as your card is in good standing. However, you should know that the number of free bags you can check will depend on the airline. For example, flights to Canada and the Caribbean will not be eligible for free checked bags, so it is important to know which airlines charge for this service.

When booking a flight with an American express platinum card, you’ll receive benefits such as waived baggage fees. This benefit can be good on flights operated by an airline’s regional carrier or too small airports or hubs. But it’s important to note that this benefit is only applicable if the primary cardholder is on the travel itinerary. The cardholder must also be the person on the itinerary, and any authorized users must be traveling with them.

Lounge access

If you are flying on a credit card, you will have access to a variety of airline lounges. Some of these lounges offer free access to authorized users, and some allow you to bring up to two guests for free. Other lounges may require a fee to use their facilities, so check the specific terms and conditions for your card. Read about the benefits of booking a flight with a credit card to learn how to get access to these lounges.

There are several credit cards with lounge access that offer this perk. If you plan on using the lounges several times a year, look for a card that offers rewards points or airline miles. These reward points can be redeemed for free flights or other benefits, including TSA PreCheck and Global Entry memberships. Although these credit cards do require an annual fee, the benefits can outweigh the cost.

No foreign transaction fees

It’s important to remember that the cost of foreign transaction fees does not necessarily translate to a higher rate. In reality, these fees are a fixed percentage of the purchase price. A credit card issuer assesses these fees as the cost of sending a payment to an overseas merchant. While these fees aren’t illegal, they are very annoying to consumers. To avoid foreign transaction fees, use a credit card that does not charge them.

Besides paying no foreign transaction fee for booking a flight, a credit card with no foreign transaction fee will give you a lot of rewards. If you plan to make frequent international purchases, a no-fee card can come in handy. It also offers the best value for currency exchange. It can save you as much as 7.14% compared to a standard bank or Travelex.