7 Best Books On Self-Development For Students

Knowledge is power. But very few have taken the initiative to use that power to improve themselves.

To most individuals, education is all about getting a career, finding a job, and making money. They choose to overlook the importance of personal development books. This is mainly because of the bad reputation associated with the books.

For instance, a book that promises readers that they will lose weight in a week or two without working out sounds like a scam. The same applies to a read that promises that by the time you are done reading, you will make up to $10000 in a day.

Anyone who has had any experience with such books may never want to hear about self-improvement books, but not all books are made equal. Students are encouraged to read classics from renowned personalities such as Austen and Shakespeare. And while these are amazing reads there are also limitless choices of books meant to make people’s lives fuller and more meaningful.

Reading books is also the key to writing great essays by combining ideas from different sources. Also, there are limitless guides on how to write a synthesis essay aimed to help students submit the best papers for assignments or exams.

This guide highlights the top must-read self-improvement books for students.

1. The Last Lecture

The title can be a bit misleading, as to most students it means the end of a school year.

However, the writer, Randy Pausch, had something different in mind. He was on the verge of death, and he knew it.

This book is full of inspiration and positivity. It is also fun and a great read during those boring days when one wants to unwind before going back to the busy schedule.

The Last Lecture encourages students to chase their dreams and keep their fire burning by encouraging those around them.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Everyone needs to be around people who care and value them. As the saying goes, no man is an island. And that is precisely why everyone must ensure they are around the right people for their own good and peace of mind.

This book teaches readers how to attract the right people and how to make an impact on their lives. It has been around for decades, and it’s still popular to date due to its amazing speeches worth making notes. It helps students widen their circle of friends and makes it easier for them to climb the ladder of success in their careers.

3. The Alchemist

This book by Paulo Coelho is among the few fiction books that qualify as self-improvement reads. The fictional character in this book makes readers feel like they are with him through his personal discovery journey.

The book offers guidance and wisdom to people looking to discover their identity and what they were meant to become. By the time one is done with the last page of this book, they will feel new and fulfilled.

4. Everybody, Always

Life is meaningless without love. Regardless of how much one has been hurt before, learning to love again is the secret to a happy and fulfilling life.

“Everybody, Always” teaches readers how to love as they have never been hurt or like there is no tomorrow. The book is more than a feel-good or self-improvement book. It is all about love and friendship. By the end of the read, students will be able to embrace the world around them, which is precisely what they need for peace of mind and to focus on their careers.

5. Think and Grow

This book by Napoleon Hill is all about ambition and setting goals.

Schooling is all about setting academic goals and striving to meet them at the end of the academic year. This book is therefore paramount for college students looking to improve their grades and their personal lives.

It highlights why setting goals is necessary and the tips for reaching those goals. It also explains the lack of ambition and indifferent attitude. Besides being enlightening, the book provides tips for good principles and habits. It teaches how to be a better human.

6. Small Move Big Change

Small Move, Big Change by Caroline I. Arnold is definitely a worthy read.

Most students struggle with staying motivated and sticking to the resolutions made at the beginning of the academic year. Some give up on resolutions completely since they find them vague or too big.

The fact is, one does not necessarily have to do something huge to make a difference. Diving the tasks into micro tasks makes it easier to stay focused and complete the projects on time. There are times when students will promise themselves not to rest until they are done writing their term paper. But they often give up halfway because they feel that the pages are too many to handle.

What about handling two pages per day until the end of the term? Such a mindset makes it look easier, and that’s the core idea of this amazing book. The book also teaches how to identify the distracting habits and how to overcome them.

7. It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work

Any student who tends to work to the point of sacrificing fun time or sleep should check out this book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier.

Work is important, but so is rest. No one should sacrifice family or ‘me-time’ to study. Partying and taking part in sports is as important as spending hours in the library.

While being ambitious is fine, it should never cost students their peace of mind. Dreams are still achievable without being crazy at school.

Final Thoughts

Students are taught the value of hard work and discipline to achieve academic success. They are rarely taught that they need to have fun and spend enough time doing what makes them fulfilled.

Reading any of the books above will teach you about the importance of self-improvement by offering you the much-needed motivation to face challenges in every stage of life.