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8 Brand Merchandise Ideas

Calling all business owners! Never underestimate the power of a branded promotional product. Whether big or small, fun or useful – branded merchandise can go a long way, when it comes to pleasing your customers

Even the smallest of gifts can make a huge difference in getting you noticed amongst a sea of competitors. Handing out freebies at a trade show or sending a thank you gift in the post… branded products are a way of going the extra mile and showing you care about your customers or clients. 

Let’s look at eight of the best brand merchandise ideas. 

1. Custom Notepad

Customizable products like custom notepads or notebooks are a handy gift for the office. It’s always good to have a notepad in easy reach when an idea comes to mind, or an important thought pops into your head. 

2. Stationery 

Branded stationery like pens, pencils, rulers, and rubbers also make great office gifts. Everyone can always do with a new set of pens – somehow they always disappear without a trace. That’s why your customers, clients, or employees would love free stationery from you. So, be of service! 

3. Face Masks

Had you ever owned a facemask before the pandemic? Didn’t think so. Yet somehow a facemask is now a must-bring item whenever you leave the house. Why not make the most of this opportunity by customizing a set of face masks with your company branding? 

4. Mugs and Other Drinkware

One of the best, most useful merchandise products you can gift your clients or customers is a new mug. A freshly-poured mug of coffee or tea is a staple part of anyone’s day, right? So, get branding your own set of mugs – or other drinkware like water bottles or travel mugs. Be the brand your customers or clients see every time they take their first-morning-sip.

5. T-Shirts and Other Clothing

T-shirts and all sorts of other clothing items like hoodies, jumpers, hats, scarves (and more) are a super easy-to-make merch product. You could even make them yourself with a direct-to-garment t-shirt printing machine. 

6. Bags

How about bags? Like clothing, you can also brand bags (especially tote bags) with your logo, slogan – or even company name. It’s not just tote bags that you can brand, there are all sorts of bags that make a perfect merchandise product: travel bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, and canvas bags. The choice is yours.

7. Keyrings

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the smartest. A set of keys is something you use day-in-day-out – so how about creating branded keyrings to give to your clients or customers? That means you’ll be part of their lives every single day. 

Branded merchandise is all about standing out and being visible. 

8. USBs

Another super useful gift idea is a USB. They might be one of the most expensive options for branded merch – especially if you’re buying in bulk – but they pay off in recipient satisfaction. USBs come in super handy, especially for office workers or techy people who are always in need of sharing files or moving around documents. 

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