budget friendly bathroom remodelling

Essential Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodelling Tips

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house. For most people, it is a place to decompress after a long day’s work. People typically begin and end their days inside the space as they do their morning and night time rituals within its comforts. Plus, a good bathroom is a great investment and can increase the property’s value should the homeowner decide to sell the property.

Remodelling a bathroom on a budget is feasible as there are several things the homeowner can do to ensure the room suits their personality. However, if it has to be a major renovation or remodelling, homeowners must work with reputable contractors and suppliers to ensure they get the best results.

Here are some bathroom remodelling tips.

Allocate enough space

If you want to have a fully functional and pleasing bathroom aesthetic, you need to ensure that there’s enough space. If you want to soak the stress away, a freestanding bath 1500mm in length would be perfect. There should also be enough space for a shower, a water closet, a vanity and a few cabinets. Even if the space is small, it’s important to have a proper layout.

Choose the right flooring

While wooden floors bring different aesthetics, they’re not practical as they wouldn’t withstand the daily rigours of use. Instead, choose suitable flooring materials such as porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl planks or bare concrete floor if you’re going for a chic industrial aesthetic.

Ensure ventilation

A bathroom will get stuffy quickly if there isn’t any ventilation available. So, install a bathroom exhaust fan or windows which you can open slightly. These can wick moisture away from the walls and prevent accidents from happening, as there wouldn’t be much precipitation on the floor.

Install the right furniture

Install the right bathroom furniture to make the space pleasing and functional. Enclose the shower area, and install the right shower systems and accessories to elevate the space. Radiators and water heaters will also be a good investment for cold days.

Homeowners can choose various products from a reputable supplier like JTSpas to fill their bathrooms with luxurious fittings suitable for their needs and personalities. With years of expertise, their products are top quality and sure to elevate any space.

Add enough lighting fixtures

Lighting is important in the bathroom as it can help people inspect their makeup and hair before going out. Enough lighting fixtures will also illuminate the space and prevent any untoward accidents. If a homeowner wants to make the room stand out, they can install a small chandelier to elevate the aesthetics. They can also install LED strips behind the vanity mirror to make the feature pop.

Add safety features

While a homeowner might not necessarily need grab bars and handles, they will still be welcome additions to the space. These features can prevent accidents and make it more accessible if the homeowner has a mobility-challenged visitor.


Homeowners can remodel their bathrooms to upgrade their features and improve safety. It is necessary because it can also increase property value and make the space more comfortable.

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