building perfect home movie room

Tips For Building The Perfect Home Movie Room

Building a movie room at home is a rather daunting task. After all, a movie room entails investing time, energy and money. But hard work certainly pays off when you gather around with the people you love for an exciting movie. Since COVID 19 has taught us the importance of being grounded, modern homeowners have understood the importance of building the perfect home movie room, complete with state-of-the-art amenities such as a laser projector. This cutting-edge technology allows for an immersive cinematic experience right in the comfort of one’s own home. 

This home improvement option is more lucrative than doing your floors and fixing windows. Today, everyone wants a movie room in their home. To do this right, you’ll have to meet a few requirements. Below, we have mentioned tips for you to breathe life into this goal:

Choose A Dedicated Space In The House

A dedicated movie room should be a space for watching movies and spending family time. It shouldn’t be presented to the guests or used for a casual party at home. This means nothing happens in this room except for watching movies. Today, streaming means more than tuning channels. 

It is the amalgamation of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Thus, when a movie room is shared with other activities, the experience is compromised. Choose a discreet space in the house and dedicate it as a movie room. It could be the basement, the attic or even the living room for this matter. 

Focus On Illumination

Strong illumination is never required in the movie room. Instead, the ambient lighting should be around the one coming from different rooms. Although with remodeling ideas, people usually try to instill more light. Remember that the movie room is supposed to have minimal lighting. 

A home movie room is a space where you want to declutter and watch your favorite season. The lesser the light, the better it is for the cinematic experience. And if you’re planning to buy a high-lumen projector, it’s best to buy one that allows you to control lighting. The online market is flocked with many options, so be wise enough when choosing the best. 

Build And A/C Component Rack

The audiovisual component rack is an important source for all components. Thus, consider the A/V rack as the mother of this room’s entertainment-related activities. Source components like cable box, Blu-ray player and network media streaming box will operate from here. 

So the A/V rack has to be located somewhere around the electric outlet in this room. You should use the Ethernet as a reliable source wire for the connection. It might not be best for you to place the A/V rack far away from other options. 

Make The Movie Room Look Cinematic

How do you envision the movie room? For most homeowners, the classic experience revolves around using science lights, red velvet walls and a popcorn maker. And in reality, the commercial theaters have tiered seating. You can go the extra mile to have an amazing experience of watching the film. 

Home cinema seats are easy to build. You need joists of 2×3 and 2×8, depending on your needs. The three-quarter inch of the plywood will form on the top. 

Adjust The LCD 

Do you have a large LCD for the movie room? If yes, you still need to place it evenly. You should set it at an angle where everyone can see everything. Bear in mind that if the LCD is adjusted too high on the wall, everyone will have to make an effort to watch the film. And they might get stuck with a backache in the process. 

Sometimes, neck strains can be worse. We recommend you check tv mounts online. A TV mount is a perfect accessory to change the angle of the LCD. Thus, giving you a great experience of watching the movie with your family. 

Plan A Flexible Lighting System

Cinema light control is the ease of turning the lights on and off easily. Dimmers, rope lights and recessed lights are the best options for a true cinematic experience at home. Soffits can also be used as long trays around the ceiling. They are usually laid around the room’s perimeter. 

Soft recessed lights will give a true theater look without much effort. However, don’t forget to keep these lights behind the viewer so that you can avoid a degrading experience. 

Control The Sound

A home theater will bounce around the walls. But when you limit this factor, it is a good way to control the home movie room sound. It can sometimes be frustrating if the film has intense music. We recommend you settle for wall-to-wall carpeting, even if it isn’t your thing. 

It is known for reducing audio bounce. Use draperies around the walls. Remove pictures frames from the movie room, as they enable bounce even more. Controlling sound from your comfortable sofa seat will be a big relief. Since you won’t have to make a big move to control this issue. 

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