Top 7 Businesses to Start After Lockdown

The sudden outbreak of the COVID19 has spiked the rate of unemployment in countries all around the globe. Just like you, there are multiple people who are planning on starting their own business after the lockdown was uplifted.

It is well understood that small businesses are the future of the Australian economy. It is around 99.8% of the country’s economy.

During the pandemic, a huge number of professionals have come along and decided to ditch their regular 9 to 5 jobs so they can launch a business. Again, the all-time accessible social media networks have helped with the most cost-effective marketing facilities…making entrepreneurship more lucrative.

7 Business to Start After Lockdown

1. Online retail business

Like I mentioned before, the virtual platform has highly benefited the small business sector. One such form of business idea is retailing through social media. Online shopping is a trend that is here to stay.

Retailing on social media platforms will require you to buy a bulk amount of products from the wholesalers and display them on your websites or social media platforms for the customers to take a look and approach.

The online products can be of any category either clothing or accessories or even cosmetics.

2. Delivery services

Customers today enjoy the luxury of their choice of products being delivered at their doorsteps. And the newly emerged entrepreneurs like you can take the advantage of this wish and provide them with the desired service.

The delivery services can include grocery items, pharmaceutical products, or even cooked meals. What you need to pay attention to is the packaging system so that it can satisfy the customer in case of hygiene and security of the products.

If you don’t wish to start a business completely on your own then there is always the option of collaboration. You can approach any local business and give them the offer of providing the delivery services for their products.

3. E-learning facilities

Even if the lockdowns have put a pause to the regular forms of schooling and university education system. Yet it has not been able to make a change in the learning frameworks. The demand for e-learning is still at its peak.

It is one of the wisest business choices to be made in the current scenario. The e-learning system has helped so many busy parents do not have to worry about driving their kids to the tutoring centers.

You can steal a place in this industry with your expertise and choose to educate a certain age of students.

4. Online fitness training

You know how it felt being locked inside your houses for weeks. Lack of exercising and also the motivation to take a dig into the practice of fitness has affected the health of many. You can help these individuals get back to their fitness regime.

You can also create fitness training packages and attract new customers as well. All you need to get your business rocketed is a little bit of enthusiasm and a strong mindset.

Xtend-Barre Franchise is one such franchise that has helped a huge community of people get back on track with their fitness.

5. Freelance writing services

Writing services is a very sophisticated choice of profession. There are a number of people who are hunting for jobs and you can help them out if you choose to become a resume writer.

Everyone does not have the skills to write on their professional skills even if they are trained to perfection. You can be the mediator.

Freelance writing services can also include writing social media content or website content as well. You can provide services to publishers who want an efficient typist.

6. Blogger or social media influencer

Blogging and social media influencer is again an extremely classy and sophisticated profession that is being pursued by a good number of people. It might take you some time to build the appropriate amount of audience.

For being a full-time online blogger and influencer, you need to have the creativity and unique thought process to create content locked inside your house. As an influencer, you must be able to impact people positively even from behind the screens.

7. YouTuber

YouTube is one of the most trending online platforms that has given an opportunity to a huge mass of content creators to publish and promote their talents.

You can also be one of them. You can use the platform to promote your products and services and gain a huge audience for your business.

Over to you…

It can be said that even if the pandemic has impacted the national economy, it has also opened many doors for the youth. However, it is on you to leverage these opportunities for your benefit. All the best!