Tips To Buy The Right Japanese Sushi Knife

A sushi knife plays a vital role in sushi dish preparation. Thus, everyone who wishes to make sushi must own a good sushi knife because using an inappropriate sushi knife can ruin the whole sushi preparation. 

But the right sushi knife can make the process a lot easier and your preparation up to mark. So, how do you find the right sushi knife? What are the things you should look for while buying a sushi knife? 

Here are a few things that you need to consider while purchasing a Japanese sushi knife:


Japanese knives are available in different materials to suit your purpose for preparing different types of sushi. Ranging from wood to plastic and even metal, there are different varieties you can choose from. 

Out of these three, the wood variant is the most popular and common knife though it is a bit towards the pricey side. On the contrary, metal Japanese sushi knives are available in steel and brass and are durable and long-lasting enough to give you value for your bucks invested. Additionally, plastic sushi knives also aim at serving you for an extended period.

Handle size

Picking on a Japanese sushi knife with an accurate handle size to fit your purpose is imperative. While a large handle size knife allows you to have a firm grip and control while cutting, knives with a small handle let your fingers easily slip into the cut.

Handle pattern

Another vital aspect to look for while picking on a Japanese sushi knife is the handle pattern, as it determines the grip factor of the knife. A perfect sushi knife is usually flat towards one end and curves around the tip of the knife’s blade. 

This curvature allows easy grip and quick motion. Also, make sure that the knives have sharp points to slice thick pieces of fish used for sushi preparation.

Quality of knife

Sushi knives are available with different levels of sharpness, mainly serrated, point, and smooth. Each of these knives varies based on the level of sharpness and are used for different sushi preparation.

The sushi knife should be sharp enough to cut the sushi, and thus you should pay heed to the quality while buying a sushi knife. The handle should be comfortable to hold and should not give stress and strain to your hands while holding the same.


Every knife needs some sort of maintenance after some point in time. The same is the case when you talk about sushi knives. If you are habitual of using a dishwasher to wash everything that comes your way, consider buying a dishwasher-safe knife. 

The good news in this aspect is that almost all sushi knives have handles that can be easily cleaned; thus, they require low maintenance at the user’s end. Also, consider buying knives made with rust-resistant material so that you can use the knife without any worries.


When you head out to buy a Japanese sushi knife, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above to get a quality knife at your disposal that can serve you a long purpose.