Things To Consider When Buying A Vape Pen

The popularity of vaping has increased dramatically in the past decade. In 2011 there were about seven million vapers globally. By 2018, this number had increased to 41 million. According to research, the surge in use is a result of advanced technology.

Today, there are four main types of vaping tech: vape mods, vape pens, cig-a-like and pod mods, and while vape pens were the second generation (first released in 2007), they are still one of the most popular choices.

The problem is that today, there are so many different companies producing high-quality vape pens – it can be difficult for vapers to decide which vape pen will suit them. Whether you’re just starting out vaping, or you’re looking for a new pen, here are a few things to look for:

The Aesthetics

Vape Pens are great for beginners, particularly those who are looking at switching from regular cigarettes. So, you want to choose a style that’s comfortable for you to use and carry around. Vape pens are generally compact, cylindrical in shape – so they mimic the appearance of a cigarette which makes the transition easier. They don’t produce a lot of smoke, and some also offer a mouthpiece that makes it easier to use.

When considering the aesthetics, you’ll notice there are different designs as well – stainless steel and carbon fibre look great and are longer-lasting, but will cost more; while high-quality plastics are generally more affordable.

Battery Life

Vape pens are usually powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that is built into the device. But there are different variations available and the bigger the body of the pen, the larger the battery is – and the longer it will last.

Some modern vape pens allow you to buy the battery separately, with common types including buttonless vape batteries that regulate the voltage based on how hard you inhale; vape pen batteries with a button, such as the 510 thread, require you to press and hold the button when you vape; and variable voltage vape batteries that allow you to switch between voltages to get the desired experience.

Heating Method

With vape pens, there are three heating methods. Conduction heating is where your vaping material has direct contact with the heating element – it heats it so you can vape right away but tends to combust the liquid faster than you can smoke.

Convection heating is more common, and this has the heat transferred to a chamber to heat the e-liquid. This way, you’re not combusting the liquid – but it takes longer to heat up. The least common (but up and coming) method is induction heating which heats the liquid through magnetic fields.

Price Point

The price for vape pens varies greatly – depending on the materials it is manufactured from, the type of battery used, and other features. Consider your budget before you go shopping. If you want to save money, a simple, slim, single-button vape pen is an affordable option. If price isn’t as important as the experience, you might opt for a stainless-steel device instead.

Keeping your budget in mind will make the buying experience easier, however, the most important thing is you do your research, read reviews, and start with a device that you think will suit your needs. With plenty of suppliers online, including Vape Store, you can always upgrade later.