The Ultimate Guide Of Buying A Ring For Mom

Buying a gift for your mother can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something practical, timeless, and beautiful. You’ve probably had countless discussions with your siblings about what to get for mom for her birthday or Christmas, and one great solution for that problem is to get her a piece of beautiful jewelry.

Since personal tastes always vary, even such a great gift can be hard to pick out, so here’s a little guide that can help you make the right choice your mom will instantly fall in love with.

Choosing the Ring

When picking out a ring, first you need to settle on an actual metal that will make up the ring. You have a lot of choices here, each with its pros and cons. Typically, people choose a gold, platinum or sterling silver ring, but there are also mixtures of other metals. If you opt for gold, you can choose from yellow, white or rose gold.

When it comes to karats, this is a measurement that denotes the purity of the metal. For instance, a 24-karat gold ring is made with pure gold, while a 10-karat gold ring has 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other metals. Before you hit the stores or visit websites, keep in mind that gold is very soft, so a pure gold ring can bend and scratch easier than less pure rings. The price tag of pure gold is also higher.

Choosing the Stone

Once you choose the metal for the ring, it’s time to pick out the stones. One great idea for mothers’ rings is to opt for her or her children’s birthstones. For instance, if your mom has her birthday in September, sapphire is a great choice. When it comes to sapphire, you can learn more here and find out everything about this gorgeous blue stone. While you can choose a synthetic or imitation stone, natural ones carry the most beauty and value.

Pick the Number of Stones

If your mom has two kids, you can opt for two birthstones. Smaller families with three members can be represented with a three-stone ring. If you know your mom loves the look of four or five stone rings but you don’t have that many members in your family, you can also include a special aunt or uncle or even get a stone for your beloved pet!

Make sure to think outside the box when settling on the number of stones and explain the idea behind your choice to your mother—she will love the sentiment.

Settle on a Design

Many women have a signature look, so make sure to keep it in mind when picking out the ring design. If she only usually wears her wedding ring, go for something minimalistic, but if she’s dripping in jewelry, feel free to choose a bold and chunky design that will make the ring stand out.

Personalize the Ring

If you want to make your gift even more special, you can engrave it with the names of her kids or a special date that means a lot to you.

Some designs are flexible enough to include several names, especially those multiple-band rings, so make sure to include everyone your mother holds dear. Many people choose to engrave the inside of the band but keep in mind that due to wear and tear, this type of engraving can disappear over time.

You certainly want to commemorate your mom’s special day with something she will cherish, and there’s no better way to do so than with a custom ring. Such a gift will always remind you of your bond and she will enjoy it forever.