buying your metal garage

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Metal Garage

If you live in a house and own a car, the chances are that you will feel happier keeping it in a garage rather than on the street. After all, doing so protects it from both the elements and any criminal elements that there might be.

People tend to think of garages as brick outbuildings, but metal garages are increasingly seen as cost-effective, durable, and reliable alternatives. These are typically steel kits that you can quickly put together yourself.

They have some advantages over a brick or wooden garage that make them worth thinking about. Here we will look at what to consider before you buy one.

Benefits Of A Metal Garage

• Hard wearing

A garage made of a metal like steel will be a lot more durable and hard-wearing than, say, a wooden one. Unless you want to be replacing it every few years, this will definitely be a plus point.

• Low maintenance

Once it has been fitted together, your metal garage should not need much regular maintenance. Steel can be vulnerable to the corrosive effects of rain and wind, but most metal garage parts are coated in a layer of material to prevent that.

• Portable

You might be thinking that a brick garage would be also low maintenance and durable and that is true. One thing it is not though is portable.

If you decide to move, you will not be able to take it with you. By contrast, a metal hut garage can be taken apart and reassembled at your new home.

• Green

Not literally – you can choose any shade or design you like! But prefabricated steel huts are very eco-friendly. Steel can be recycled and is also an energy-efficient material.

• Easy build

Another big steel garage benefit is that they are really simple to put together. The parts just need to be joined up, so you will not have to be any sort of DIY demon.

Two Further Considerations

By now, buying a prefabricated metal garage may be looking like an attractive option. There are still some things to think about beforehand though.

Firstly, is the ground that it will be sitting on soil, asphalt or concrete? If it is soil, you will have to get rid of any subsoil and topsoil to make the ground stable before installing your metal garage, so some site preparation research will be useful.

Then you need to figure out what you want it to look like. That means thinking about windows and whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical roof, as well as the number of doors.

There is a lot you should check out before going ahead with the purchase.

The Different Types Of Metal Garage

The outlets that offer metal garages usually have more than one type available, although most are variants of the Quonset huts used during World War Two. Types to consider include:

• A one-car garage

This is the type that is most commonly seen, being suitable for single-car users. It is generally a steel hut measuring around 14 x 22 feet, although you can get larger or smaller ones if needed.

• A two-car garage

These are in the region of 24 feet wide, with the lengths varying considerably, to accommodate two vehicles. The door is usually found on the end wall of the hut.

• RV garage

This type of metal garage is designed to comfortably house RV camper van vehicles. It is very popular with families who own vans of that type for holiday use.

• Oversized garage

You may never have considered combining your garage with something else – e.g. a home office space – but an oversized metal garage gives you the room to do just that.

Hopefully, you now have some sense of the advantages that a prefab steel garage can offer you.

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