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silhouette of a couple on a beach embracing

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Defined

OVERVIEW Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are passed from person to person through vaginal, oral or anal sexual contact. STDs can cause minor health problems as...
mature woman pouring a glass of wine, sitting along at a table

Older Women Hitting the Bottle?

Current and binge drinking increasing among older American women Many older Americans drink alcohol. Even among healthy adults, alcohol consumption may cause some problems, and...
Older couple walking in park, holding hands

Exercise: Prescription for Older Adults

Regular exercise key to help older adults with heart disease maintain physical function. Older adults often want to remain independent, even after a problem like...
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Want to Live Longer? Grab a Book!

Reading, especially books, linked to longevity Common sense says that reading a book is better for the brain than watching television. New research suggests that...