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elderly man being taken care of by physician

Got Parkinson’s Disease? Get Exercise

Regular exercise reduced decline and improved mobility in people with Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is a chronic condition that causes muscle tremors and reduces mobility....
spinal x-ray with dr. notes and stethescope

The Benefits of Spine Hygiene

Deaths from infectious diseases have declined markedly in the United States since the adoption of public health programs, improvements in sanitation and the practice...
Older couple walking in park, holding hands

Exercise: Prescription for Older Adults

Regular exercise key to help older adults with heart disease maintain physical function. Older adults often want to remain independent, even after a problem like...
heartburn_large_orange heart_flames

The Connection Between Heartburn and Sleep

Study showed patients with sleep disturbances responded more quickly to heartburn symptoms. Occasional heartburn is common and not really a big deal for many people....