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3 Best CBD Products for Pain

Pain is a common issue that affects everyone throughout their lives. In most cases it is from one-off issues, such as an acute injury or a byproduct of a health condition. For other people, they have chronic pain issues from serious injuries, health conditions, or side effects of medication they have to take.

Regardless of the reason, everyone has their methods of dealing with pain. You can apply hot or cold temperature to the affected area, take over the counter medication, or try stretching and yoga. One new method you can add to your list is taking cannabidiol (CBD). It is a compound extracted from cannabis (mainly hemp) that has been found to be able to reduce pain of all types.

If you are thinking of trying CBD to see if it helps with your pain, here are three types of products you can find at dispensaries like Joy Organics that you can try.

1. CBD Transdermal Patch

For people who experience surface-level muscle pain, you can try using a CBD transdermal skin patch that you apply to the affected area, working in a similar fashion as Icy Hot patches.

When you apply the CBD patch to your skin, it slowly releases the various ingredients that are absorbed through your skin, helping to dull the pain in the area. Since it is a slow release, it takes a while for the effects to kick in, but you will feel relief for a longer period of time.

2. CBD Epsom Bath Salt

Epsom salt baths have been used to relieve pain and tension in your muscles, neck, and back for a long time. They contain a wide variety of nutrients, such as magnesium. The principle for CBD bath salts works similar to a skin patch, in that the natural chemicals in the CBD and epsom salts are absorbed through your skin.

The difference is that your whole body absorbs it, as opposed to just a small area. This helps you feel the effects quickly and throughout your body, but the effects also don’t last as long. Combined with hot water, it can be an effective way to treat a troublesome bout of pain for faster and more thorough relief.

3. CBD Muscle and Joint Cream

CBD creams made for pain act as a middle ground between the skin patches and bath salts. It also applies the CBD and other pain relief ingredients to the skin. However, the absorption is quicker than the skin patch so you feel the effects faster.

Like the bath salts, the effects don’t last as long, but you can choose the specific area to apply the cream. Some creams may also apply a cooling or heating effect, depending on what helps your condition the most.

There are many other products with CBD that can assist with pain relief, but these three are specifically designed for it. If you want something that can relieve pain and also help with general wellness issues, you can stick with CBD oil or edibles. You can combine CBD with some medications that can also help reduce pain if you want greater results, just be sure to clear it with your doctor first, as CBD can react poorly with some prescriptions.

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