Throbbing Migraine: Can CBD Help Reduce the Pain?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in plants of the cannabis family. While THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound that gets you high, cannabidiol often creates a strong sense of calm or relaxation. A high enough dosage creates sleepiness.

About Cannabidiol

CBD works by binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system of a mammal. Many people use this product for pets, especially to treat their older dogs for stiffness and pain.

In humans, this binding is often effective for the same condition. Once it enters the bloodstream, cannabidiol stops, slows, or mutes the transmission of pain signals.

How Cannabidiol Eases Migraine Pain?

Migraines can be caused by a wide variety of stressors and triggers. Using any cannabis product appears to offer a neuroprotective shield, reducing the inflammation commonly found in the vascular system of a migraine sufferer. Additionally, cannabidiol topicals can be used to reduce neck muscle tension, jaw tightness, or pain at the temples.

Research of Cannabidiol on Migraine

The research on cannabidiol has been slow, especially for adults. However, the American Migraine Foundation reports that anecdotal evidence of cannabidiol users is pushing the need for this research. Many who struggle with migraines find that microdosing with cannabis products can help quite a bit.

For those who use this product as a sleeping aid, it is important to note that this oil is not safe to use in a vaping tool. In reverse, nothing that goes in a vaping tool should be placed under the tongue. Cannabidiol oil drops have a much lower smoking point than the extract blends that go in your vaping tool.

How to use Cannabidiol

• If you struggle with migraines, consider using CBD in smoothies to reduce the pressure of anxious thoughts
• as a topical to soothe tight neck muscles
• under the tongue to help you get better rest
• as a vape to focus your thoughts
• in a gummie to avoid waking in the night

Many women struggle with migraines at a particular point in their menstrual cycle. If that is a concern, relief may be found by pre-dosing before the expected headache days. Cannabidiol isolate powder purchased from a retailer that offers third-party testing can be micro-dosed over the day by mixing it in a cold drink to reduce the risk or intensity of the migraine hopefully.

Side Effects

This product does have some side effects. If you are on any medications for blood pressure, discuss your interest in cannabidiol with your physician. This compound can dilate blood vessels, which could be dangerous if you are on blood pressure medications already.

Be ready to take a scientific approach to your cannabidiol use. Keep a journal and track your symptoms, the dosage, and your results over time. Consider microdosing to stave off the migraine, or at least lower the intensity. While monitoring, pay attention to the buildup of your pain, any stressors that may be triggering it, and any impact that cannabidiol has on those factors.