12 Easy Ways To Start A Charitable Lifestyle

Probably one of the best feelings in the world is giving back and being benevolent to others. With all the uncertainties happening every day, showing generosity to the people around you can be an excellent way to lift each other’s spirits. Giving back to others doesn’t always require money, it’s about your deed, effort, and thoughtfulness that counts more.  

Have you ever wondered how can you incorporate philanthropy into your life? Here are twelve easy ways to start a charitable lifestyle and make everyone’s lives better.  

1. Give Stuff To Charity

Each one of you has probably kept plenty of unwanted stuff around your house. Instead of letting these items clutter your space, you can put them to good use by donating them to charity. Gather few empty boxes and fill them with things you no longer use or need but are still in good condition.  

You can donate old toys, books, clothes, shoes, and even old but functional gadgets and electronics. Take them to the charity programs you support. If you don’t have enough time to drive and deliver the boxes by yourself, you can avail of a free donation pick up service, and they’ll be the ones to deliver the items on your behalf.  You can do this monthly, every time you declutter your house.  

2. Use Your Crafting Skills For Charity

If you’re skilled in knitting, stitching clothes, or making toys, you can dedicate these skills to charity. You can donate your finished products to organizations in which your crafts may matter to them the most. For instance, you can donate your crafted toys, clothes, and knitted clothes to children’s adoption centers or local schools. 

If you’re gifted in photography, use your photographic eye in volunteering on organizations that may need your photography services for free. If you’re a skilled dancer, you can volunteer to be a fitness dance leader to senior homes.  

3. Give Back To A Random Stranger

Being charitable doesn’t always mean doing large acts of giving. Sometimes, it can be as simple as paying for the person’s grocery behind you at a convenience store or buying another set of meal to the street person you see outside the restaurant. These people may not know who you are, but your deed for them will live in their memories forever.  

4. Have A Charitable Wedding

Did you know that you can also be charitable on your wedding day? Instead of hiring professional singers, instrumental players, and luxurious flowers shops, you can book from local organizations.

For example, you can hire the children’s choir and instrumentalist from an adoption home to sing and play music for your wedding. For your flowers, you can hire single-parent organizations that specialize in creating flower arrangements. If you want, you can make every part of your wedding charitable.  

5. Buy From Cause-Related Stores

You’ve probably heard about products being promoted that declare that all sales go to a specific charity or organization. If possible, buy your products from these shops, not only did you get to buy the item you need, but you also get to help someone through your purchase.

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6. Join Charitable Marathons

Aside from buying products for a cause, there are also more marathons being held for a cause. Whether it’s run, walk, or bike for a cause, sign yourself up if possible. Don’t worry, as you don’t even need to be a professional runner or cyclist to sign up.

What matters is that every person who signs up and pays for the registration fee equates to a donation to an organization behind the event. You can also invite your friends, neighbors, and family members to join you in these charitable marathon events. The more people you invite to join, the bigger help the charity groups will receive. 

7. Bid For Good

Another way to show your generosity is by joining online auctions. An online auction is when an online shop or marketplace posts random items for auction, and these products go to whoever bids the highest. Then, all the profits from the online auction proceed to the charity group behind the event. 

8. Throw A Kids’ Party For A Cause

If you have kids, show them the beauty of compassion and generosity by throwing them a party for a cause. Instead of the usual birthday party, together with your child, you can organize a birthday event that involves giving back to others.

For example, you can take your child’s birthday foods into your choice of charity group, and you and your child can serve meals for the people in need. This unique way of throwing a party for your child can be a learning experience for them in which they’ll take the lesson with them until adulthood.  

9. Help Out Animal Creatures

There are endless ways you can show compassion to animals. You can adopt a dog from adoption centers, which most dogs are survivors of abuse or have been saved from straying. You can also volunteer your free time in animal adoption centers and assist in whatever activities that require your service.  

Every time you find a stray dog or cat on the streets, give them clean food and water, or take them to the adoption center so they’ll have a permanent shelter. You can also volunteer to watch over your friend’s pet for free. Don’t limit yourself to helping dogs, as there are many other animal creatures that might need your help. 

10. Donate Your Hair

Another unique way of living a charitable life is donating your long hair. You can do this every time your hair grows long enough to be given to charity. These donated hairs are used to create wigs for children who have experienced baldness due to accidents or certain illnesses.

Make sure to look after your hair, keep it healthy, and avoid doing any treatments. Once it’s at least 8-10 inches long, you can cut them off and send them to your choice of charity group. 

11. Volunteer Your Time

There are numerous non-profit organizations that are constantly in need of volunteers. You can make productive use of your extra time by joining these groups.

Some examples of volunteer work may include tree planting, working at an animal shelter, serving the local library, working as a lifeguard, singing for choirs, or being a chaperone on local field trips. Go for an organization that fits best with your skills and passion.  

12. Practice Forgiveness

Finally, one good deed that most people often forget as charity is the act of forgiving. As much as possible, avoid holding grudges and resentments. Not only will this ruin your relationship with other people, but grudges can also be a burden for yourself.

Whenever someone offends or does something terrible to you, choose to forgive, because forgiveness is another form of charity you give to others and yourself. 


Being charitable is something you can practice every day and not just something you choose to do occasionally. It is easy to do, especially if it comes from the heart. With these ideas, you can start living a charitable life, sharing love to others, and supporting your favorite cause.