Chat GPT or Assignment Writing Services: Which One?

Numerous students worldwide are trying to find ways to simplify their lives. The reason why it is happening is that it is not easy to study due to the loads of assignments they have to perform. As a result, they have to deal with a lot of pressure, stress, and a lack of sleep. Students also do not have time to take care of themselves, and all these factors cause health and psychological problems.

Consequently, it is not surprising that services, such as GPT Chat, are so popular among them. They believe that such tools are able to help them save some time for themselves so that they can at least sleep more. There is another alternative – an assignment writing service. These two options seem to be the same, but there is a great difference between them. So, it is time to see which is better.

Which Option Is Legitimate?

No student wants to face issues because of using the wrong service or tool, so legitimacy is a critical aspect. AI writing is considered to be legitimate as long as it does not infringe copyright. That is where the main problem may appear. The thing is that this service utilizes available sources along with making up some information itself.

As a result, there have been many cases when universities expelled their students due to the use of Chat GPT. Therefore, it must be a bad idea to utilize this service for your assignments. You might pass, or you might not pass – why take the risk?

According to the paper writer review, students do not face this issue with assignment writing services. It is widely known that using this option is completely legitimate because no copyright will be infringed. In addition to that, they guarantee high quality, which means that you will not have to check each and every piece of information in your paper.

How Unique Those Texts Are?

Being a student, you are required to submit not only high-quality content but also original. The thing is that universities are willing to make sure that each and every piece of work is performed by you. That is why the uniqueness of your text plays an important role.

While an assignment writing service is able to do that for you, Chat GPT is highly likely to let you down. The quality of education has been important for ages, so more and more tools are appearing to make sure that students do not use AI writing for their assignments. Currently, there is GPTZero service launched by Edward Tian, and it is utilized to find any content created with the help of Chat GPT. This is just one example of such tools, so there should be more.

How Much Is It?

There are a lot of aspects that should be considered by students while looking for the right solution, and the price is one of them. They do not usually have additional cash or time to earn extra money, so they have to seek affordable options.

OpenAI is known as the cheapest variant because it is free. Therefore, a lot of students decide to use it for their assignments. At the same time, they have to check the received content and even edit it because the result is not usually good.

Assignment writing help will cost you some money, and some pieces can be expensive due to their urgency or large volume. At the same time, such services guarantee that the content is original, so there is no risk that you will be expelled from your university. Therefore, you are safer if you use assignment writing services.

Chat GPT – Disadvantages

The weaknesses of GPT Chat are the following:

1. Unnatural patterns. Unlike content created with an assignment help service, these texts mostly sound unnatural, which means that it is not hard to detect AI writing.

2. Character limit. With this service, you will only be able to get around 4,000 words. The volume of your assignment may be much larger.

3. Requires stable connection. If you are using GPT Chat and the connection is suddenly lost, you will have to start it again. This service requires stable internet.

4. Bad quality. Even though it is able to create content due to your task, you should not expect the quality will be high.

5. Requires additional check. As soon as you get your text, you have to check each and every fact and reference mentioned there. They are highly likely to be false.


As you can see from this review, assignment writing services are the best option for students who are eager to save some time on their tasks. Even though they require some money, they are able to deliver assignments that can be submitted without double-checking. AI writing tools are free and easy to use, but you can only utilize them if you are ready to edit and improve the received content. So, if you want high-quality texts, you should always opt for an assignment writing service.