Guide To Choosing The Right Roof Shingles

Selecting the shingle for the roof of the house can be a complicated task. Various options are involved, including style, composition, and colors, and not to forget the price. All of these options need to be considered while choosing a shingle, and even after that, there are variables.

It is also essential to keep in mind that for how long the shingle will last in a particular climate. The ground-priced shingles will not last longer if compared to top-grade shingles and most of the architectural shingle patterns suit dryer climates better than wet-weather patterns.

1. Look for the warranty on how long they will last

Generally, the more expensive a product, the longer it will last. However, it varies with the architectural shingles. The amount will be higher for designer shingles, but there are chances that they will tear in no time.

Warranties are only good for the company from where the shingle is made. Stick with the manufacturer who you know personally instead of a start-up company that might guarantee a good product but not even lasts for a month.

Make sure you don’t have to bear costly residential roof repairs in the initial months.

2. Take a look at the cost

With the help of the tape measure, check how long the square footage is. Shingles are sold in squares, and each one of them covers 100 square feet. Measure the width and length of the roof to check the square footage. Multiply both of them together.

For instance, a 10 by 18 foot leads to 180 square feet of roof area. Two squares will be needed for the project. If you’ll know this, it will let you know the cost for any kind of shingle you wish to install.

3. Choose the color of your choice

Shingles comprises different colors that will go with any home décor. Greens, reds, custom colors, and whites are available for installation. Always remember that the darker the color will be, the more heat it will give to the roof.

A lighter color offers the cooling effect, so if your area is used much, a lighter color will suit you the best.

4. Select the type

Asphalt shingles have the standard and are priced accordingly. With this option, warranties for a longer period are available and are perfect for effectiveness and durability.

Laminate shingles are more durable than asphalt ones if you consider the architectural design. Laminates can look like other ones but hassles and high-maintenance aren’t needed.

They come in shake patterns and some designer patterns which are the decorative type that comprises the shapes other than triangles, rectangular, or rounded corners. You will have to pay extra for these.

Other types of shingles are made of wood, clay, and other materials. If cost and maintenance are not an issue, these shingles will suit you.

Now you know what is needed to choose the shingles, estimate the installation costs and material, and start planning for the whole new look of your house.