Coated Silver: What Are Its Possibilities For Your Body?

Silver has a great ability to fight germs. This is how it has been used, thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Even a long time ago, the discovery of antibiotics by doctors.

Modern applications of Silver.

Experts on this topic are very specific about the evidence that silver may have for health or the medical benefits that can be derived from silver.

Silver has different ways in which we can continue to take advantage of it.

Nanosilver particles are going to increase steadily in use by certain industries. This may include medicine or consumer statements. The best-known uses of silver nanoparticles are the following:

– Add to the bandage so that the wounds can heal earlier.

– Line clothing to be able to inhibit the bacteria that will cause the bad smell.

– Introduce the packaging of the food itself to be able to extend its own useful life.

– Applications to electrical appliances so that they stop raising bacteria.

– Cleaner to disinfect surfaces.

The best research available at this time tells us that not all types of silver are the same or can behave in the same way.

We can find silver molecules everywhere.

We can obtain them from water, food, or the air that we breathe in each momentum. Well, we ask ourselves a question, can silver be toxic? To answer this we must take into account two factors, first, the type of silver it is, the second factor is the amount that has been ingested. This is how the toxicity of silver is determined.

We must bear in mind that the body will react differently to the types of silver.

Some of them will cause the most absolute toxicity, while those nanoparticles may be the ones that, on the contrary, are beneficial for health. So some of these ways as we have said are beneficial, while in other cases they are not.

A study done not long ago has investigated the ability of the port to react to different types of silver. The conclusion was that nanoparticles are beneficial. The answer was the immunity of the body. It was the chemical and physical characteristics of silver that will determine how the body might react to silver.

Supplementation with silver will lead to a good immune response. But you should not wait for the silver colloidal nanoparticles to react in the same way as with silver or ionic hydrosol. Among these three, the colloidal silver nanoparticles are those that have high efficiency and poor tolerance for the organism’s pattern.

Coated Silver: it is not ordinary silver.

If we are based on the scientific evidence that we have available now, when we supplement with silver, both the size. As the type and shape will be important. The same for whether it is coated or not. All this will determine how silver can penetrate the body from the environment itself in order to address immunity at the cellular level.

The physical characteristics of this silver affect the dispersion of silver within the body. It is also possible to determine how that silver will be exceeded.

Thus, the Coated Silver consists of certain nanoparticles and colloidal silver. Thus, some unique interactions of this silver, of the colloidal shape and of the structure or coating with which we are made, will be introduced.

In addition, this is the only silver additive on the market today that has received a patent. All of these will link to other unique properties that make this type of silver inexpensive, but at the same time safe and effective.

Silver nanoparticles.

Nanosilver will exhibit greater surface coverage. Technically, these particles have a maximum size of 1100 nanometers and are considered silver nanoparticles. The smaller these particles are, the more capable they will enter the cellar membrane, which is equivalent to that efficiency.

The Coated Silver will normally contain silver nanoparticles between 10-12 nanometers. In addition, it is the size, the most uniform in the market. Much of the silver supplements will consist of nanoparticles greater than 10 nanometers.


This silver will provide us with silver nanoparticles that are neutral in terms of charge. In other cases, we find silver ions and silver hydrosols with positive or negative charges, respectively.

But, we are not going to react haphazardly with Coated Silver, taking into account the chemicals within the body. 


Colloids are present in multiple phases and will not dissolve in any solution. These nanoparticles will not dissolve within the body. They will also do it by not observers, but by eliminating through the natural excretory that have the body.

The wrong brand or type of colloidal silver is going to be risky. Problems with concrete are going to arise when these supplements cannot leave the body. Thus, the decoration will be bluish-gray on the skin or even on the cornea when it is observed that there is silver in the body. These conditions are known as Argyria and Argyrosis.

They do not have any serious implications for health. But the evidence is unlimited to suggest regular ingestion of that silver so that it can cause adverse health effects, especially in the long term.

Coated Silver

When Coated Silver enters the restriction – it is not retained in the body due to its patented coating technology. This is the main difference between Coated Silver and hundreds of other colloidal silver products. This makes Coated Silver absolutely safe for the human or animal body.

Use of Coated Silver as immune support.

Health must always be the priority. This is because it will affect mental state, relationships or productivity, for example. Using Coated Silver as an immune booster will help us to always stay prepared for intense challenges.

In the event that you want to add Coated Silver to your diet, you should consult your doctor, especially if you are taking certain medications that may react unexpectedly in the product. You must follow the guidelines that the doctor tells you or that indicates on the labels.

You should be aware of the type of silver supplement you take. If you choose Coated Silver, the safety profile is very clear. It is covered by a patent that wants to see that the manufacturer takes care of safety and great efficiency.

*The statements have not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. So it is not yet intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.*