7 Easy Cocktails to Try at Home

Are you someone who used to pre-drink on cheap wine or got a few bargain beers? It is time to stop this and make your delicious cocktails at your place, getting the best ingredients by yourself. Every time people consider a cocktail as a rare exception and think that it is not possible to make it.

But, this can be false, as cocktails can be made at home by following simple and classic recipes that have been discussed below. These easy-peasy cocktail recipes are perfect for blending with and making your jaws drop. Make a fantastic martini or a refreshing iced tea for yourself or your special people, and make the day happier.

We have come up with the best seven easy cocktail recipes to try at home. Read this article and choose the best one for you.

1. Sex on the Beach

Filled with peach, orange, and cranberry flavors, Sex on the Beach is a juicy drink that is ideal for people with sweet tooth. Make perfectly balanced sex on the beach cocktail suitable for both the summer and winter seasons. Just two easy steps and get it ready within minutes. Combine, stir, and garnish cherries with a slice of orange, and the drink is ready.

2. Martini

Martini is considered the king of the cocktail menu in various places. It is your choice to have it with gin or vodka and try your dirty or fruity version. There are ample twists with Martini, but there are two essential ingredients to blend it with traditions. Just gin or vodka with dry vermouth with olive or lemon peel garnished over it.

In Martini, Gin is a special element, so getting it from a popular place is worth it. We recommend you to choose Barossa Distilling Co. to get gin and make your Martini taste amazing.

3. Long Island Iced Tea

Long island is one of the most alcoholic cocktails present for the amazing people out there. It is necessary to take some great care with this as it tastes really good. The mix of light rum, vodka, gin, and tequila with lime juice topped up with coke is ready to blow your mind and provide you with the best cocktails ever that are perfect on a sunny day.

4. Lemon Drop

Everyone requires a bit of happiness in their lives and wants to enjoy, then getting a Lemon drop is perfect for you. Get yourself a lemon drop and make it your routine cocktail for five days a week. To prepare lemon drop, you need vodka, added lemon juice, and some lemonade to garnish it.

5. White Russian

Are you a coffee lover and looking out for coffee at every place, then we have got you a cocktail that is easy to make at home? No one will ever deny the creamy and coffee white Russian cocktail that includes fresh cream, coffee liquor, and vodka in it. You just require three ingredients to make your dreamy caffeinated cocktail. And, also the upcycled white Russian uses the coffee grounds as a base for this white vanilla laced-version cocktail.

6. Pina Colada

If you have not tried a Pina Colada at your home, then it is time to make your day special with an exquisite tropical taste. This one is our personal favorite and highly recommended to the people who love smooth coconut and pineapple combinations—this time, you need to conjure yourself with an easy Pina colada recipe and enjoy the happy days. Choose a sunny and warm location to get a treat of every sip. Get an alcohol-free option by trying a virgin Pina colada.

7. Tequila Sunrise

Get your cocktail shaker to become a pro and master yourself in making a tequila sunrise. This is an old 70s beauty that includes grenadine syrup to create a colorful and fruity effect of sunrise in the drink. It is a pretty cool and refreshing cocktail to addict you and enjoy the moment.

These are the easiest cocktails that one can try at their home and enjoy the day with their family or friends. We hope you enjoy these cocktails and always remember to drink responsibly.