Cookie Delivery Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In Singapore

Cookies are some of the most delicious and popular snacks for people of all ages. For most parties and other events, cookies are offered as snacks, since they are baked and do not contain oil. The cookies supplied by different businesses, often vary in their taste, size, and price.

Many people prefer to only eat the cookies from specific businesses since the cookies are very delicious. However, they do not have the time to visit the business to purchase and collect the cookies. Hence they would like to find out if cookie delivery is available from their favorite cookie seller, and the options for ordering the cookies.


Delicious food is an important part of any party or event. The quality of the cookies and other food products from different sellers varies significantly due to differences in the ingredients used and preparation method.

While in some cases, the cookie seller may have an outlet close to the residence or workplace of the buyer, in many cases, the preferred cookie seller does not have an outlet in the vicinity. The cookie buyer has to travel a long distance to the outlet only for purchasing the cookies and other food products, which is a waste of time and money, especially if the buyer does not have a vehicle.

So increasingly cookie buyers are interested in finding out if the favorite seller is offering home delivery of the cookies. These cookie buyers would like to place the order online and are willing to pay delivery charges since they will save some money and time.

Home delivery of cookies is also convenient for buyers who are not well and cannot leave their homes, especially if they have some infectious disease. Hence to cater to the rising demand for home delivery of delicious cookies and other products, increasingly cookie sellers are offering their customers the option of home delivery.


Typically the cookie seller is allowing the customer to order the cookies he wants online through their website. The customer has to select the type of cookies required, and quantity and pay the cost of the cookies and delivery charges online. After this, the cookies will be delivered to the address specified by the customer, usually within one day on business working days.

The customer can usually specify the time slot for delivery. In some cases, the cookie seller is also accepting orders using Whatsapp or the customer can make a phone call and place the order for cookies, especially bulk orders.

Terms and conditions

Since there are additional expenses for home delivery of the ordered cookies, most of the cookie sellers are specifying that only orders whose value is more than $30 will be accepted. Additionally, they are charging delivery fees, typically $6 or more. In some areas of Singapore like the Tuas area and Jurong Island, the delivery charges may be even higher at $20.

Under some circumstances, the cookie sellers may not offer a refund for the orders placed online. Cookie buyers should be aware that the cookies have a limited shelf life of three days if refrigerated, and should be consumed within the specified period.