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Countries That Are Open To U.S. Travelers Right Now

After more than a year cooped up inside due to the pandemic, are you an American absolutely itching to travel internationally again? Welp, it might be time for you to scratch that itch.

A number of countries have rolled back travel restrictions and are now open for tourism. Many more will soon follow, but if you just have to get away right now, we’ve hand-picked five worthy destinations that are already open and probably waiting for you with open arms (no quarantine upon arrival required).

Costa Rica

What’s not to like about Costa Rica in Central America? Its scenery — crystal-clear beaches, exotic jungles, and epic mountains — is second to none. That landscape is probably why so many companies flock there for offshore operations, including the betting sites you’d find at

You can experience the visual sensation that is Costa Rica and do so without taking a COVID-19 test. That’s right, no need to present a negative result or even a vaccine form to enter the country. The country is allowing any and all visitors so long as they show proof of medical insurance (to cover any possible COVID-related costs).

With such a small barrier to entry, Costa Rica is a no-brainer destination to travel to. Again, its outdoor visuals are uncanny — and who couldn’t use some fresh air after being stuck inside so long?


Europe has been perhaps the most strict continent in regards to travel during the pandemic, but Iceland is bucking the trend. As of early April, the country has opened its doors to vaccinated travelers or those with a certificate showing a previous COVID infection. Either one and you’re in!

Obviously, Iceland isn’t nearly as wide-open as, say, Costa Rica, but we had to include it on the list. This country is also a sight for sore eyes. Black-sand beaches, sky-blue ice caps, volcanic craters — you name it, Iceland probably has it. And the thing is, very few countries not named Iceland can claim to have these same natural beauties.

Though, Iceland is on the costlier side, at least compared to Costa Rica. But then again, you probably have more money saved now after the numerous rounds of stimulus checks and not spending on going out. So if you have a hole burning through your pocket, it’s tough to beat Iceland!


Next on our list is this North African country. Egypt’s vast desert landscape isn’t “pretty” like our two previous picks, but that’s not why we picked it. No, Egypt makes our cut because of its rich history. Its colossal temples and tombs will transport tourists back thousands of years when its ancient empire reigned supreme.

To enter Egypt, US-based travelers must present physical proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival. With proof, no quarantine is required. That’s a small tradeoff for access to the country’s vast historical riches.


For a quick trip, consider the United States’ neighbor down South. When we say Mexico is loose with its travel limitations, we mean loose. No negative COVID test needed. No proof of previous COVID infection. No vaccination. No insurance. No quarantine. Nothing. Just enter and travel away!

Mexico offers it all for both nature and history lovers alike. For those that need a beach, there’s Cancun or Cabo. For those more interested in seeing Mayan or Aztec ruins, there’s Mexico City or the Southern tip of the country (which also includes Cancun). In between all of that, there’s also great food and tequila tasting, of course!

Turks and Caicos

This small island off the West Indies has become a hotspot for US travelers as of late. Why? Welp, for one, its turquoise waters are breathtaking. Two, it’s relatively inexpensive — at least compared to other ocean destinations. And lastly, the country’s official language is English, making it an easy transition for Americans.

The only restriction before entering Turks and Caicos is a negative COVID test, taken no more than five days before arrival. That’s it!

So which country will it be? You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the five mentioned. And after all that’s happened since early 2020, you owe yourself an exotic getaway!

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