Creatine Pills Benefits: Why They’re Popular Right Now

Creatine pills are flying off the shelves these days due to its amazing benefits for the body. There are several reasons for why they’re popular right now. Not only is it a great supplement for vegetarians and vegans to get more protein intake but it’s also one of the most researched supplements with proven scientific results.

This translates into bulked up muscles while reducing oxidative stress. Creatine pills also provide brain trauma protection, general brain function improvement, glucose metabolism enhancement and betterment of bone mineral density, to name a few.

What’s more, there are little to no side effects and it’s perfectly safe to consume.

Bigger Muscles & Oxidative Stress Reduction

The most popular reason why people take creatine monohydrate pills is its proven ability to promote muscle buildup while reducing oxidative stress during workouts. There are literally hundreds of studies illustrating creatine’s improvement of body composition, training volume, general strength and power output.

This translates to better endurance while also providing support to carb loading before an intense workout or athletic event. Actually, Louisiana State University did a study that shows when athletes consume creatine five days prior to carb-loading it increased their baseline levels more than 50%.

Brain Function Improvement

Creatine has the same effect on your brain as it does your muscles since both utilize the energy source that creatine helps your body produce. If you fail to replenish these essential energy levels, also called creatine phosphate (PCr), this will tire out your muscles while also causing brain fatigue.

This problem will extend beyond experiencing it during exercise. The brain fatigue or fog will continue throughout the course of your day until you get the fuel back for your brain to function properly. Taking creatine pills regularly will ensure your stores of PCr replenish sufficiently while maintaining optimal brain function.

Protection against Brain Injury Trauma

Because of the brain boost creatine gives, this also means it acts as a prophylactic against brain trauma caused by injury. Even though research is still in the experimental stages, creatine does lessen the extent of brain damage by 50% in rats and 36% in mice.

Plus, it acts as a cushion in the event trauma occurs, reducing the effects of the damage upon initiation of it.

Glucose Metabolism Enhancement

Glucose metabolism is a major issue for people with Type II Diabetes. The only way to stave this off is diet, medication and exercise. Recent research has found that taking creatine pills help people with diabetes to control their glucose metabolism in tandem with regular exercise.

Bone Mineral Density

As we age, we begin to lose density in our skeletal structures. This increases the chances for hip displacement, broken bones and fractures at the slightest force. But, taking creatine regularly can maintain bone mineral density while providing the energy to stay youthful and energetic for years.

Therefore, creatine has the ability to stave off osteoporosis while building up the muscles around your bones to keep them strong.

Body Temperature & Hydration Maintenance

Although more studies are necessary, there is promising results in how creatine can help an athlete maintain hydration status and body temperature when performing in extreme heat and/or humidity. This means their endurance, strength, power and performance stay the same even though the environment is inclement.

Anti-Inflammatory & Cell Damage Repair

Taking creatine pills prior to intense physical exercise will act as an anti-inflammatory against muscle soreness, joint aches and cell damage. One study published in Life Sciences displayed how runners who took creatine five days before a 30 km race had significantly lower experiences of pain and swelling afterwards.

Vegans, Vegetarians & Meat Eaters

Creatine is a natural constituent of foods rich in protein like beef, pork and fish. However, to get the amount packed in one pill of creatine, you’d have to eat inhuman amounts of meat to compensate. And, because creatine supplements aren’t necessarily animal-derived, it provides a wonderful amendment to vegan and vegetarian diets.

However, meat eaters can also benefit from taking creatine. As we’ll soon discuss, it will improve brain function by nearly 10%, making you better able to handle daily stress, combat challenges and think quickly.