Dating Of The Future: 6 Main Trends

Over the past 15 years, dating services have gone so far from just dating that they are predicted to soon replace real-life dating and become a full-fledged social network as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have decided to look into the future and figure out what the dating industry is going to be like in the next 5–20 years,  and analyze technological trends and the psychological aspects of each of them.

1. Date in VR to Save Time

It will take quite a bit of time, and to go on a date, there will be no need to leave the house. The high speed of digital data transfer will make senior women dating in virtual reality possible. Thus, people from different parts of the world will be able to meet without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

A separate value of this trend is that it also saves time. By talking online, you can meet the person you like face to face, but do not waste time on the road or meet in a crowded place. The technology will allow not only to see a person but to hold their hand, smell them, and touch them.

Psychological aspect: long-distance relationships will no longer be considered flawed because a partner can be there at any time, even if not physically.

2. Involvement of Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers in Dating

The integration of the heart rate monitor will help the application remember whose pictures made your heart rate accelerate, respectively, who you like the most. By the time the development of technology makes it possible to track brain activity, it will be possible to form a type based on impulses.

Psychological aspect: when the choice is narrowed down to those who will definitely be the most attractive to you, less time is spent on searching and choosing, there is more space for communication. It also eliminates the negative experience associated with dating — if the physiological reaction of users is mutual, most likely, when they meet, the rest of the reactions will be the same.

3. DNA Matching

Research in the field of genetics is becoming more diverse every year. So, in 2014, scientists found that people with similar DNA profiles are more likely to choose each other as partners than those whose DNA structure is significantly different. People strive to find those who really suit them. And the more reason to believe that they are suitable for each other, the happier they are.

Psychological aspect: when, for example, both individuals are carriers of a recessive gene for a mutation, there is an increased risk that the offspring will have the mutation. While at the birth of children in a couple where only one carrier of this gene is, the probability of manifestation of mutations is minimal.

4. Smart Lenses for Monitoring the Interlocutor’s Physiological Reactions

Based on the results of the research, the scientists concluded that data processing will become even more efficient because technology will be able to “fuel” the conversations that have begun, looking for information and interesting facts on the topic under discussion.

But the greatest benefit is received by people who are not burdened with empathy — they are given the opportunity to analyze the behavior and gestures of the interlocutor in real-time and understand what they are experiencing at the moment.

Psychological aspect: smart lenses can be an indispensable aid for those who experience communication difficulties of any kind. Understanding the reactions of the interlocutor and confidence in your own words will reduce nervousness, and the time will come for free and interesting communication without awkwardness.

5. The Rating System in Dating Services

In some services, the rating system is already actively used. And it turns out to be very easy to gain popularity. It is enough to post good pictures that best characterize you as an appealing person, and fill out the profile in detail. Another crucial aspect is verification because people will be much more willing to communicate with real people who have nothing to hide.

Psychological aspect: the desire to get high marks and become popular will make people increase their own involvement in the use of dating services.

6. Sex Toys as Full-Fledged Participants in Dating

If now toys like handcuffs, whips, and imitators have become commonplace in the intimate relationships of couples, then in the future, it will be possible to use them in the process of dating online.

Various gadgets can be synchronized with smartphones and controlled remotely by a partner. This will expand the possibilities of getting pleasure from communication not only for those who are purposefully looking for dating for regular sex only but also for those who want one-time entertainment.

Psychological aspect: such sex is completely safe for both partners from a medical point of view, but, at the same time, it may not be inferior in terms of the level of pleasure received. Much the same is true when it comes to sex chat and how it stimulates both partners in a trusting relationship.