Why Denver Gift Shops Offer Something for Everyone

Denver, Colorado is one of the best vacation cities in the United States. From its picturesque mountain views, rolling hills, wide open spaces, and bustling city life, there’s something for everyone when they come to visit. Colorado has a way of captivating you, then haunts you once you’re gone. Because of this, it’s important to take something with you to always have a personal piece of your visit nearby. 

There are countless reasons to visit Denver, from the draw of the Great Outdoors to legalized cannabis. But some vintage Denver gift shops are definitely worth stopping into. There are more than enough in the city alone, not to mention the thousands of shops nestled into various mountain towns along the Front Range. 

Whether you’re snagging a gift for a friend or family member or simply getting a souvenir for yourself, there’s no shortage of boutiques and stores to grab something memorable. In this article, we’re going to list five of the coolest, most eccentric types of shops that exist in the city and surrounding area. From natural, organic ingredients to handmade clothing or mineral shops, there truly is a momento for everyone in this special state. Let’s get started. 

1. Alpaca Clothing Stores

The mountains are the perfectly ideal environment for alpacas to thrive. Because of this, the state is blessed with many alpaca ranches for these high-altitude-loving creatures. One of the best pieces of clothing to exist is made from sheared alpaca fibers. For the colder climate, it’s some of the strongest and warmest materials for your stay, or to take care of you through the winter in your hometown. 

Nearly every mountain town has at least one alpaca clothing store waiting to be explored. You get what you pay for, and that’s some of the best clothing material out there. It’s sustainable, not harmful, and will last for a long time. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one for the holidays or just a cool way to give your wear a boost when it’s cold. 

2. Rock & Mineral Shops

The Rocky Mountains provide countless rocks and minerals, which is a popular collector’s field in this state. Decorate your home with rocks and minerals from your vacation, keeping a piece of the wilderness for yourself without robbing the natural environment. This also makes for a good and eccentric gift for a friend back home. You can purchase jewelry, bookends, or simple decor to enhance your living room. 

Colorado is a famous mining state; it’s part of the culture. Feel like a true Coloradan by piecing together your own collection. Many believe certain rocks and minerals local to the geographic region have spiritual or healing properties. But at the very least, they look cool decorating your indoor or outdoor living space. And there’s no shortage of shops to choose from. 

3. Local Ingredient Shops 

Mountain towns are famous for their local ingredients, such as locally made honey, tea, coffee, soap, green chile salsa, and more. This is the best way to take home a flavor of Colorado with you. In sustainable farms and ranches throughout the mountains, some of the best ingredients are made for tourists and locals alike. Eat like a local during your stay. 

Local beef is some of the best cattle in the United States. If you can’t take some of these local ingredients home with you, at least stock up your vacation fridge. Grab some tea and honey from a local beekeeper. Snag some salsa made from Colorado green chiles. Give back to the local economy by supporting farmers and food producers. 

4. Outdoor Wear 

If you aren’t properly prepared for Colorado, it can remind you how small and insignificant you are. That’s why when you’re ready to take on the mountains, you want to load up on all the essential gear professional Coloradans use. Some of the basics include: 

  • A water pack or solid backpack 
  • Waterproof hiking boots for any season 
  • An alpaca beanie 
  • Snowshoes for winter 
  • Skis or snowboards 
  • Camping gear like tents and sleeping bags 
  • Hiking pants 
  • A windbreaker 
  • Gloves 
  • Scarves 
  • Face coverings
  • New sunglasses
  • And more 

This way, when you hit the outdoors you’re completely prepared for whatever the mountain climate will throw at you. As all Coloradans know, mountain weather can flip on a dime. Don’t be an unprepared poser. Plus, the gear you invest in will last a long time and serve you well long after your vacation is over. 

5. State & National Park Gift Shops 

The best way to appreciate the beautiful land you’re living on or visiting is to donate to the state or National Parks near you. Near Denver is the vast and beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. There’s also Dinosaur National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Great Sand Dunes National Park, along with nearly 50 state parks in Colorado alone. 

Take Rocky Mountain National Park for example. This nearly 266,000-acre wildlife refuge, park, and oasis has a stellar gift shop and outpost to snag a souvenir when you’re done for the day. Not only can you secure a beautiful state of National Park windbreaker, sweatshirt, or beanie, you’ll be helping to preserve the area and doing your part in keeping Colorado wild. 


Denver gift shops, whether gimmicky or sources of local ingredients or materials, have the perfect gift for nearly anyone you know. Or, treat yourself by taking home your piece of the West. You can load up on essential gear for the elements, or stock your fridge with local and delicious ingredients. 

The variety of gift shops in the surrounding area can expand a visitor’s tastes, introduce them to something new like collecting rocks and crystals, finding new vintage furniture pieces that reflect the area or even providing the perfect gift for something they already love. If vintage is your thing, we have plenty of that. If you want something cheesy, we have that in excess as well. 

Or if chasing experiences are your thing, Colorado has more than you could hope to complete. From several local restaurants and breweries to cannabis shops, trails, sightseeing, skiing, hang gliding, or whatever else you’re looking for, we have it here.