Are Digital Marketers In Demand?

Some people may wonder if digital marketing is a career worth pursuing and whether digital marketers are in demand in today’s workplace.

The answer to both questions is a very simple “yes.”

Digital roles are among the fastest growing in the marketing industry, with demand for social media skills and jobs increasing at a rate higher than for any other type of marketing.

The behavior of consumers changed dramatically in the last two years due to worldwide lockdowns, and brands responded to this move by changing their focus and investing more on digital channels.

This, in turn, has had an enormous impact on the employment market.

There has been a considerable increase in the demand for digital marketers with the appropriate qualifications, such as an online Masters in marketing.

In addition, the demand for social media advertising, proficiency in Instagram, social media optimization, and LinkedIn knowledge have also massively increased.

In general, data and digital marketing skills have been on the rise from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, with marketers also upskilling around e-commerce.

With the increased focus on digital and social media skills, it is no surprise that the top three fastest rising positions are in social media, with those jobs being social media coordinator, community manager, and social media assistant.

Digital marketing jobs have also been among the fastest-growing positions in the UK in the last couple of years, particularly the role of the digital marketing intern. That suggests that initiatives made by the industry to interest young people in a marketing career are proving to be successful.

Is digital marketing the future?

Although traditional marketing continues to serve a valuable function, digital marketing is becoming the new norm due to analytics and overall affordability.

Marketing managers can now see where people come from, their activity on company websites, and the tactics that result in the highest ROI.

The data-driven approach has made it much simpler for professionals to demonstrate their worth and for managers to identify the most effective strategies.

Successes can thus be replicated again and again rather than marketers having to guess their way through future campaigns.

The number of related jobs is high because digital marketing strategies have so many facets, and the industry has a crisis in the form of the digital skills gap.

In the US, there is a shortage of around 230,000 digital marketing professionals in many large metro areas, according to a recent LinkedIn survey.

It is, therefore, an ideal time to begin a digital marketing career as there is currently a considerable skills gap in the employment market that needs to be filled.

Most sought-after digital marketing skills:

1. SEO specialist

The fact that SEO is the skill most sought after in digital marketing should come as no surprise given that it is every bit as important now as ever.

SEO is the backbone of all content since all content needs to be discoverable, and the digital marketing career outlook for those specializing in SEO is very favorable.

There remains a tremendous need for professionals that understand social media, competitive analysis, website analytics, content quality scoring and mobile search.

All these bases need to be covered to make the most of online traffic, and an SEO agency in Singapore can help businesses achieve their goals.

2. Copywriting

Those experienced in digital marketing know the amount of writing the process entails.

A wide array of content is produced by copywriters, including taglines, ads, emails, product descriptions, and a whole lot more.

Copywriters, therefore, require a strong background in writing but also need to be curious and creative as their job requires them to have the ability to attract and hold a reader’s attention.

3. Content writing

Although content writing and copywriting may seem like similar roles, they are quite distinct, with the former having to focus on long-form content that will draw readers to a site and help them through the sales cycle.

Content writers create the likes of case studies and whitepapers, eBooks, and blog posts to educate and keep readers coming back for more.

4. Social media marketing

Everyone knows that social media marketing is hugely important to digital marketing, with brands being promoted by social media managers on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Social media managers are tasked with developing campaign strategies, graphics, and videos and researching audience trends to ensure these things are shown to the right people.

Social media marketing bridges the gap between design, project management, and writing and often necessitates work during off-hours to deal with incoming messages.

Experience in building communities as well as digital marketing is vital for anyone hoping to get into this position.

5. Advertising

The advertising field has undergone significant changes over the last few decades, and digital advertising now plays a vital role in digital marketing.

It is up to advertisers to match the correct products to the right audience and build relationships with brands in the media to work out the content type that would be best suited to every outlet and negotiate attractive rates and terms for both parties.

There is a great digital marketing career outlook in digital advertising for creatives who are competitive and want to work in a people-oriented and fast-paced environment.

6. Search engine marketing

SEM is often confused with SEO, the primary difference being that paid tactics are part of the former.

SEM managers spend their time researching keyword trends to see what people are looking for and determine how much to bid to use these terms to ensure company pages come up in search results. It is a mixture of advertising and SEO that draw traffic to a website.

Many different platforms and tools can help to research search terms, perform A/B tests to determine the most effective variations, and manage bidding. SEM managers need to be data-driven and highly analytical to be successful.

The career outlook for digital marketing is positive and looks set to continue growing for many years to come.