discounts affect mental state

Do Cashbacks And Discounts Affect Our Mental State?

This pandemic has obliged us into staying in our own homes for our own safety. While this is for the benefit of our own health, isolation can take a toll on some people. We woke up one day and suddenly had to stop our lives. From driving outside and working at our 9 to 5 job, to going out on the weekends with family, all of us had a routine we took advantage of.

Now that going outside isn’t exactly safe, we have no choice but to stay inside. It is absolutely normal to feel stuck in a rut, especially at a time like this. We all have different ways to cope. Some might be high functioning and productive, and some may feel that they are the opposite. Regardless, mental health is not a joke and should not be taken lightly.

There is nothing much to do when you’re stuck at home, unprepared. Having a normal routine has shaped us into thinking that our lives only have a purpose when we’re productive. With that being said, doing nothing can make us feel useless. This feeling if not supported with the right mindset or tools can lead to a fluctuation of our mental health.

Since quarantine, a lot of us have been feeling a lot of stress due to situations such as this virus we can’t control. It is important that we look out for ourselves and bring awareness to our feelings and actions. Here is a list of symptoms that may help guide you in looking out for your mental health:

1. Unexplainable Pain – These aches may vary from headaches to back pains, and muscle aches to stomach pains.

2. Weird Sleep Patterns – Be aware of your sleeping patterns. Are you having a hard time sleeping? Or are you getting too much sleep?

3. Loss of Energy – Lack of sleep may be one of the reasons for your loss of energy, but this can also happen from even small tasks that may give you a harder time finishing.

4. Short Attention Span – Concentrating on tasks and trouble in focusing, making decisions, or remembering things.

5. Eating Habits – Watch your eating habits as it can change your weight significantly, whether weight loss or weight gain.

6. Low Tolerance Level – Short-tempered and easily irritated.

7. Loss of Motivation – Not caring about hobbies and daily activities.

8. Self-hatred – You may feel a strong feeling of worthlessness and guilt towards yourself. You may also catch yourself overly criticizing your entire being.

9. Feelings of Hopelessness

10. Reckless Behavior – tied to your low tolerance, you may also engage in coping mechanisms such as substance abuse, gambling, or alcoholism.

Noticing these behaviors may give you a head start on your mental health. What we found helpful is also feeding into coping mechanisms that spark joy into your life such as online shopping. We found that online shopping, especially receiving discounts can help spark a little bit of joy, something you need during these trying times.

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