5 DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Home

Are you a stay-at-home parent, a work-at-home professional, or anyone looking to learn a new skill, stay active, and bond with family while on a budget? If so, consider a DIY project to upgrade your home. These are hands-on activities to improve your home in a fun and fulfilling way.

And, if you become devoted to a DIY lifestyle, you need to know search basics like getting your measurements right, improvising, and finding multiple uses for different supplies. Then, here are five DIY projects to upgrade your home you can try today:

1. Refresh Your Walls 

Wall décor can give life to a rather dull and monotonous space. And there are dozens of DIY home wall projects to express your personality, spark conversation, and bring harmony to the rest of your interior décor. Check them out below:

• Add a wood or tile paneling to the upper sections of your bathroom walls
• Hang framed photos along the entryway
• Use trendy curtains to install a draped wall
• Layer your walls with photographs and personal memorabilia
• Jazz up your children’s room by encouraging the young ones to paint their favorite portraits on the walls

If you opt for sticking photos or wallpapers to your wall, ensure you use the right glue to keep them firm.

2. Install a Fireplace in Your Backyard

Fireplaces have a romantic appeal that gets everyone cozy and relaxed. Then, why not extend this warmth to the outdoors by installing a fireplace in your backyard, patio, or porch? It can be a DIY stone fire pit comprising two to three layers of landscaping stones. Or, buy a portable fire pit bowl and assemble it within minutes.

3. Hang Potted Plants in Your Home Library Room

Decorate your home library space by hanging potted plants from its ceiling. The plants will dress up your corners and empty ceiling space, leaving the floor free for your book collections. Start by marking the spots where you will hang the potted plants. Keep in mind the mature height of the plant and its light requirements. Drill holes into the marked areas, and install hooks to hang the plants.

4. Makeover the Kitchen Island with Repurposed Furniture

Repurpose your drawers, cabinets, or old dresser by installing them on your kitchen island for discrete storage space. Strip and refinish the old furniture to blend into your kitchen island theme. Add a marble top to even out the addition and make it a food-safe work surface. Here are additional DIY ideas to transform your kitchen island:

• Mount curtain rods with S-hooks along the edge of the kitchen table to save storage space for utensils
• Add a beadboard to revamp the kitchen island
• Repaint the kitchen island base
• Stain the kitchen island wood to a darker color
• Replace the knobs and pulls

5. Remodel Your Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas in your home. Keep it functional, stylish, and appealing to everyone by adding a tile-framed mirror on two opposite walls. The mirror will create an illusion of additional space and reflect natural light in a cramped space. Next, install floating shelves for your toiletries. Opt for inexpensive metal and wood hardware from your local store.

Use decorative brackets to keep this storage space stylish. And, if you have jute or any other strong fiber thread, wrap it around your waste basket to form circular rings up. Select the right glue to hold the jute in place.

Here are additional easy and affordable DIY ideas for your bathroom:

• Declutter the bathroom storage areas
• Replace your old bath mats and rugs with trendy ones
• Add a rusting bathroom sign at the door
• Spray paint the shower fixtures
• Update your towels and shower curtains


As you decide on the appropriate DIY project for your home, write a budget and stick to it. Next, opt for DIY projects within your capabilities. And assess the risks of making the home improvements. You don’t want to have to call in an expert to undo your work because it interferes with other home installations.