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6 Cool Dry Shampoo Alternatives: Dry Shampoo Is So Last Year

Waking up too late with no time to wash your hair before work can really be a disaster, and desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s where dry shampoo usually comes in. It’s useful and time-efficient, and never fails to deliver a good result.

But what if I told you dry shampoo isn’t that great for you in the long run? Bear with me for a couple of minutes, and I will share some tips on how to keep your hair fab with the help of dry shampoo alternatives.

To Dry Shampoo or Not to Dry Shampoo

Many women swear by their dry shampoo routine. By all means, dry shampoos are quite useful when you travel or when you occasionally apply them after a workout.  No one can deny it is super easy to spray your hair into looking clean and invigorated.

However, if you want your hair to stay healthy, dry shampoo is not the best option in the long run.

So, What Are Your Options?

You should definitely not make it a habit to reach for your dry shampoo on a daily basis. Instead, you could try out some healthier dry shampoo alternatives.

If you don’t know where to start with alternative hair care, you should count yourself lucky. Hair mavens out there have already come up with some neat hair hacks. Here are some of their brilliant ideas:

●     Baby powder

Put some of this affordable product on your hand and gently apply it to your hair roots. Your hair will look fresher and cleaner in no time, and its beautiful smell will mask the bad odor. Just watch out for that white powder residue.

●     Hand sanitizer

 Almost everyone has this product in their bag, but most people don’t know it can serve this purpose as well. So, whenever you are late for work and find yourself trying to fix your unwashed hair in the car, you can use your hand sanitizer to style it. If you apply this dry shampoo alternative to your scalp, it will absorb excess dirt and oil.

●     Baking soda

We are all familiar with the fantastic cleansing effects of baking soda. Whenever you run out of toothpaste or dish soap, you can reach for this multifunctional aid. But baking soda can be used as a dry shampoo alternative as well. Applying it on your oily roots will remove odor and add extra volume to your hair.

●     Hairspray

If you want to keep your hands clean while you fix your greasy hair, use hairspray as a dry shampoo alternative. Just spray it onto your roots and brush through your hair.

And if getting your hands dirty isn’t a problem for you, you can try massaging hairspray into your scalp to reinvigorate your dirty hair. In both cases, hairspray will add volume to your hairstyle.

●     Homemade dry shampoo

Here is one easy recipe for you:

  1. Mix 1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch.
  2. For dark hair, mix two tbsp of arrowroot, or cornstarch with two tbsp of cocoa.
  3. Leave it to sit in a glass container.
  4. Put the mixture on your scalp and leave it in for two hours.

If you leave this mixture on your hair overnight, all the healthy ingredients will find their way to your roots and scalp.

●     Send your hair on a product-free retreat

Washing your hair every day and overtreating it with hair products may give it a dry or coarse look. Therefore, you should listen to your hair desperately asking for a break! If it is dirty, try braiding it, tying a messy top-knot hair bun, or rocking a hat or a headband instead. We promise, your hair will be grateful to you.

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