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4 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Juice Subscription

Every passionate vaper will tell you that vaping is probably their favorite pastime. Nothing feels as good as taking long draws and releasing a cloud of vapor. It’s simply a less harmful alternative to smoking, and that’s why it became so popular over the past few years.

With that said, most e-juices are made to provide a few days of vaping. However, you can do a few things to extend their lifespan and make sure you get the most out of your e-juice from a vape shop. Keep reading, and we’ll give you four tips on how to extend the life of a wide variety of e-juices.

1. Increase The Nicotine Level

If you just can’t put your vape down, you probably go through an entire dose of e-juice in a matter of days. Some flavors are simply impossible to forget about, so many vapers get hooked and burn through their entire stash of tasty e-juices faster than they expected.

However, there’s an easy way of making sure that you use less e-juice in the future. Instead of using a low nicotine product, either switch to a version with more nicotine or add some yourself. More nicotine means that you won’t have to vape all day long. A few drags will be enough to keep you happy for an hour or two. The flavor won’t change, but your need for vaping will go down because of the nicotine. It’s a simple solution worth trying.

2. Experiment With Different Flavors

Flavors play a considerable role for vapers, but just like with favorite foods, vaping the same flavor over and over again gets boring quickly. Not only that, you’ll build a certain tolerance to one flavor, so it won’t give you that hit you’re looking for. Your tongue and nose get used to the taste and smell, so you don’t get the same results as before. That will make you want to vape more, which will burn through your supplies faster than before.

That’s precisely why you should switch flavors as often as possible. The best option here is to get a few different flavors at the same time and switch between them when your vape tank gets empty. Switch the flavors whenever you feel one isn’t giving you that hit you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to not only get more out of your e-liquids but also enjoy them more every time you vape.

3. Fix The Leaks

If you ever see your vape tank dripping out the bottom or on its side, that means that your device has loosened up more than it should. That’s perfectly normal when it comes to vaping. As you press the draw button and move your vape around, its parts tend to become loose, which leads to leaking and losing your favorite e-juice.

Most vaporizer tanks are made from plastic, glass, and metal parts with rubber gaskets that keep everything sealed tight. Once your favorite e-liquid reaches the tank, it can soak the coils. Every time you use the vaporizers, the coils release vapor that then leaks outside of the tank and all over your hands.

If you have this problem, that means that you’re not doing an excellent job of maintaining your device. Vaporizers are relatively easy to disassemble and clean, so don’t be lazy. You should take the time to clean every part at least once a week. That way, your parts will stay clean, and you’ll tighten everything up once you assemble your vaporizer after each cleaning.

4. Try A Box Mod And Experiment With Different Temperatures

Sometimes, customizing your vape is all you have to do to increase its efficiency. Luckily, today’s markets are full of different vapers, accessories, and box mods that can help you fully customize your vaping experience. You can set things up to limit your draw and conserve your e-liquid to make it last for longer.

You can also try vaping using different temperatures until you find the sweet spot that gives you the best flavor while using the least of your e-juice. Setting your vape to the highest temperature will simply burn through your e-juices, wasting most of it in the process. It might take you a little practice, but once you find the sweet spot and the best accessories for your vaping style, you’ll be able to extend the life of your favorite e-juices.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is generally straightforward. All you need is a vaping device and a high-quality e-liquid. If you’re passionate about vaping, you can customize your entire experience by optimizing all vape parts until you create a unique device made according to your own needs. Follow the simple steps above, and you’ll be able to get more out of each e-juice flavor you try.

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