7 Educational App Ideas: Higher Ed Edition

Education is going towards the implementation of more technological means. Besides, most of the world’s population has smartphones, tablets or PCs, which allow them to use different programs and applications for all sorts of activities that go from leisure to work-related platforms. But what is more, is that also the educational sector is going through the digitalization progress and has to keep us with the latest trends in the industry to be competitive.

Among other digitalization and technology-related aspects, this competitiveness also foresees the commodity of the facilities offered by higher education institutions to their students. So, what is a better facility than the ones of educational apps concentrated directly on students’ needs? Here is a list of 7 educational apps that apply mainly to the educational sector.

Many educational institutes have begun to try the new technology. For instance, ACS ASOMI College of Sciences is a private college that promotes innovation in higher education and gives its best to offer the most avant-garde technological services to its students. Therefore, the themes connected to the educational sphere of creation are at the heart of the ACS College.

1. App for private tutoring

What students often need the most is tutoring. The time loss is minimal since students do not have to be physically there to see their mentors. But often, matching and scheduling appointments is complex, and the waiting time to get an appointment with a mentor is sometimes quite long. But a private tutoring app helps students to communicate with tutors online. It also facilitates scheduling (the app may allow students to check their tutors’ availability).

2. App for learners with special needs

A university or a college may have learners with special needs, and they would need an app specially designed for them. For instance, this app would also help learners with disabilities learn from their homes’ commodity if required. They can connect with the classes in real-time and interact with their professors.

What is more is that when they’re attending in-person, students who need it may also have an integrated AI feature to the app, which helps learners with disabilities listen to the lessons or even study.

3. Personal teacher app

Similar to the private tutoring one, the personal teacher app might become handy to all students when they are having a hard time learning. This app would have on-demand teachers and pre-registered lessons or tips. Moreover, it would be better if that kind of app would also have a real-life chat feature where students could directly ask questions to their students.

4. Dictionary and language learning

Apps for language learning have always been much appreciated. Sometimes they might seem repetitive and built on the thrilling language teaching method. What could be of help, in this case, would be a language learning app or a dictionary app (which could be mono- as well as bilingual), especially when a university or a college has a lot of international students. This kind of app could come in handy.

5. AR-based education app

AR-based education apps can help not only students but teachers as well. The teachers might sometimes find it challenging to explain scientific matters to their students while keeping their attention high. But an AR-based education app would change the whole scenario. For instance, the professors could explain the human body to the med-school students, or the history professors could take their students to the virtual streets of the Roman Empire.

6. Apps for exams

It’d be great if the students would have the possibility to monitor their exams through an application. An exam app would help them program their exams, revise the most important parts they have to learn for an exam, take mock exams to prepare themselves for the actual exams, and program their study schedule. This kind of app would benefit higher education institutions that want to offer the best facilities to their students.

7. Student performance tracking app

Usually, students’ performance is measured in grades. But it would be great to track their overall performance every day, step by step, and not using (only) rates. That could be made easily by an app that would monitor their performance by evaluating their grades and giving points for extra-curricular activities such as out-of-program art classes or practicing sports.