7 Effective Ways To Overcome Sadness

Everyone must have felt sad once in a while. It can be because of something that happened to them, a fluctuating mood, or even because of hormonal factors. All of these things mentioned above can be the reason why you feel sad out of nowhere.

Feelings of sadness are usually temporary and will go away on their own after the trigger has passed.  However, these feelings often make you feel gloomy, not enthusiastic about anything, and have difficulty concentrating.

Even though anyone can experience it, feelings of sadness need to be managed and controlled so that daily activities are not hampered and physical and mental health is not affected.

Various Ways to Overcome Sadness

Sadness can appear in any situation, whether a person experiences loss, failure, disappointment, helplessness, or despair. If you want to manage your sadness and overcome it, there are several ways you can do it, including some things below.

1. Understand the sadness that you felt

Understand that sadness is a normal feeling for everyone and thus it also needs to be expressed. By understanding and at the same time absorbing the emotions flowing within, your heart will be much more at ease and you will be able to accept the circumstances that have passed.

However, you need to give yourself a break to ensure that the sadness won’t overcome you. Overcoming grief is an incredibly long process, but you need to help yourself slowly come into terms with how you feel.  Don’t let feelings of deep sadness make you blame yourself or keep thinking about negative things.

2. Express your sadness by crying

Some people sometimes choose to hide their sadness.  However, it is also good to vent your sadness so that it can disappear soon. If you want to cry, then let it out and cry. Crying is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, sometimes, crying can make you feel better and more relieved.

3. Face your sadness wisely

After accepting the turmoil of sadness and releasing it, your mind will be much more relaxed. That way, you can think wisely in dealing with grief and find solutions to the problems you face. Remember, the sadness you are experiencing will pass and there must be a lesson behind everything that happened.

4. Entertain yourself

When you’re feeling down, do something to make yourself laugh again. One simple thing that can trigger laughter and happiness is watching funny or shopping haul videos on a social media platform. It is very effective to drive away your focus from your sadness and problems.

5. Do things you enjoy

Don’t just focus on the sadness you are experiencing and try to do things that you enjoy so that your mood gets better.  If you like to travel, go to places you want to visit as a way to trigger happiness and get rid of your sadness.

6. Express complaints

Do not let yourself continue to be trapped in sadness.  Try to share your feelings with people you trust, such as your parents, friends, or spouses. People who care about you will not only listen or try to understand how you feel, but will also cheer you up and divert your mind from the sadness you are experiencing.

7. Journaling

Writing can be the best therapy to get rid of sadness. Especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to share your problems with other people. According to research, pouring sadness or disappointment into a piece of writing can relieve stress and drive away negative feelings.

Apart from expressing your emotions through writing, you can also make a list of any good things you can be grateful for from past events. For example, after ending a toxic relationship, write about how great you were at making the best decisions for yourself. While contemplating, think about any future steps that can make life happier and more enjoyable.  You don’t need big things, you can start with small steps that are easy to do every day, such as exercising regularly or getting enough sleep.

Even though it feels unpleasant, sadness can make you appreciate something more. However, don’t let the sadness you experience drag on because prolonged sadness can lead to depression. If you have tried various ways to get rid of the sadness above, but your emotions are out of control and even your daily activities are hampered, immediately seek help from a professional to get the right treatment.