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Effects Of Bad Mattresses On Your Back And How To Deal With Them

The quality of your mattress can have a huge impact on your sleep. If you’ve got an old, worn-out, and dirty mattress, you’re probably going to experience some kind of difficulty sleeping. One of the worst health problems experienced by people who own worn-out mattresses is back pain. Back pain can be very debilitating; it can stop you from being able to live your life and participate in sports and other hobbies.

In this article, we’ll tell you what bad mattresses can do to your back, and how you can deal with these symptoms:

Are You Experiencing Back Pain?

As we mentioned in this article’s introduction, back pain is one of the most common health problems experienced by people who sleep on worn-out mattresses. It’s not always easy to tell if your back pain is being caused by your mattress, however. If you’ve been experiencing back pain and you want to find out whether your mattress is causing it or not, then here are a few signs:

You spend the entire night tossing and turning. If you find that you wake up frequently during the night, and when you do, you’re very uncomfortable, then it could be your mattress that’s the problem. If your spine isn’t being evenly supported, you’ll toss and turn to find a better sleep position.

You wake up with back pain every morning. Back pain in the morning is the biggest indicator that your mattress is causing you problems. If your mattress is responsible for your back pain, you’ll definitely feel it in the morning. If you continue to sleep on this mattress, then your back pain will begin lasting you the entire day.

You’ve had your mattress for a long time. You can’t expect a mattress to last you forever. If you’ve had your mattress for over five years and it’s causing you problems, then it might be time to swap your mattress in for a newer model.

There are loose springs in your mattress. If you sleep on a lumpy mattress that has loose springs and you regularly experience back pain, then they’re probably connected. Loose springs and lumpy mattresses can wreak havoc on your back. If you don’t buy a new mattress soon, you could seriously hurt yourself.

Prolonging Your Mattress’s Life

To prevent your mattress from causing you problems, you should regularly rotate your mattress; it should be rotated at least every two months. Double-sided mattresses should be flipped over. You mustn’t let children play or jump on your bed, as this can cause dips and lumps. You should choose a bed frame with centre support that will prevent your mattress from sagging.

However, if your mattress isn’t salvageable, then you need to cut your losses and find a new one.

How Can You Find the Right Mattress for You?

It’s not always easy finding the right mattress for you. There are lots of options available, from memory foam mattresses to adjustable beds and mattresses. You need to find a bed and mattress that relieves and prevents back pain. You also need to find a mattress that’s the right firmness (or conversely softness) for you.

Bamboo mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses are all great investments. Box spring mattresses should be avoided, as they’re outdated and there’s much better stuff available on the market.

Adjustable beds are very popular at the moment; they improve breathing, relieve asthma, improve blood flow, reduce fluid build-up in the legs, and provide relief from heartburn and acid reflux, not to mention that they’re very good for your back.  

Other Health Problems Caused By Worn Out Mattresses

Worn-out mattresses don’t just cause back pain, in fact, they cause a number of problems. Here are a few of them:

Worn mattresses can cause neck pain. Neck pain, like back pain, can be very debilitating. In many cases, neck pain can actually be worse than back pain. Neck pain can also be caused by the pillows that you sleep on, so it’s important to do some investigations into what’s behind your pain. Search your mattress for any lumps, saggy parts, or dips. These can all be the cause of neck pain. You should use two soft pillows to support your head and neck when you’re sleeping.

They can also cause joint pain. Joint pain can also be very debilitating. It can stop you from being able to play sports and go outdoors to exercise.  You need to make sure that your mattress is the right softness or firmness for you. If your mattress is too firm, it can cause pressure on your joints, which can lead to aches and pains. Mattress toppers are a good solution to this if you don’t want to get rid of your mattress because it’s too firm.   

Your mattress could be causing night sweats. Night sweats can disturb your sleep and make you feel dirty every morning. They can also be very unhygienic and can cause you to have to wash your bedsheets twice or even three times a week. There are a lot of causes of night sweats, some of which can indicate serious health problems like cancer. They can also be caused by anxiety or even menopause. Sometimes they’re just caused by heat!

If a mattress is made from material that hugs the body, the heat your body releases while you sleep can get trapped, which can lead to sweating and heat retention. Heat retention ultimately leads to excess sweating. If you notice that you sweat a lot at night, your mattress could be behind it. If it is, it’s time for a new mattress.

It can also cause anxiety and depression. If you’re not getting enough sleep because your mattress is in poor condition, then you may begin to experience anxiety and depression. These conditions can be very hard to live with. If you notice your lack of sleep is causing these conditions, then it’s time to buy a new mattress.

Bad mattresses can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Instead of suffering and enduring life with a bad mattress, make a change and invest in a new one. You can pick good mattresses up for cheap if you’re on a budget. You can also buy mattresses on finance.

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