Ejinvesting Review: An Insight Into Ejinvesting

Ejinvesting was set up with one objective, to help like-minded traders find suitable trading opportunities in the digital space.

Trading is a complex gamble that one should enter with caution. Trading platforms attempt to connect traders with their assets of choice.

Our trading platform of choice today is Ejinvesting!

A brokerage house that has the facility of an online trading platform for its clients. Many people seek out good platforms but it is an arduous procedure to find just the right one. If you are looking for a great platform, read on to find out more about Ejinvesting and how it can help you.

Ejinvesting prides itself on having a varied clientele spanning across continents.

Your Trading Journey And Ejinvesting

The Web Browser Platform

This is their main trading interface which gave rise to their existence. A platform that connects to assets, and provides educational content to provide insights into every asset possibility available for the client.

The trading interface provides access to a range of technical indicators, educational tools, analytical objects, and various time frames and also ensures one-click, speedy trading.

The Mobile Application: iOS And Android

The micro version of their trading platform. The mobile application provides every feature available on the web browser, albeit, with limited functionality. For example, every asset type has a limited history availability compared to while on the web but the feature is present. Similarly, advanced charts are not available on the mobile screen however basic charts are present.

The New Era Of Copy Trading: What Is It?

Ejinvesting is also rolling out a feature soon regarding copy trading. To the inexperienced, it may sound a bit cliched. Does copy trading mean to copy? Well, in essence, yes it does. Copy trading or its more advanced name of social trading refers to the ability to copy or mimic other traders’ strategies.

These traders who have established portfolios and verified trading strategies have the option to share them with the Ejinvesting trading community. The trading community benefits from those strategies and builds established portfolios for themselves. Similarly, the investors and traders sharing these strategies benefit from earning an additional “performance” charge when other traders earn.

Win-Win situation for both parties and more so for Ejinvesting as their facilitator.

Ejinvesting And Financial Trading Education

Whether you are a beginner or even an expert, education is imperative in the online trade platform world. No person can know everything as trading is very complex and risky in nature. Many experienced traders lose millions when they make uninformed decisions. Hence, informed decision-making stems from knowledge.

Ejinvesting ensures that it educates it client base by the following:

1. Educational videos tailored to various trading assets
2. Blog posts
3. Market news and analytical opinions on that news

CFD’s And Ejinvesting

One of the riskiest assets that compel even the most worthy traders to think twice is CFD’s (contracting for differences). These assets often cause up to 80% money loss if not traded properly. This is why CFD’s are not recommended for beginners.

So, what are CFD’s exactly?

CFD’s stem from the basic notion of time-saving. For example, if a trader purchases a particular commodity in hopes that the price will increase, they need to first buy it, hold it for a particular time period, and then sell it to the buyer at a profit.

However, it takes a long time and complicates the process. CFD’s are simply aligning expectations between buyers and sellers without the holding period.

Hence, a trader can purchase a CFD based on his expectation of that particular commodity’s movement. However, be warned, they are a risky enterprise.

Is Ejinvesting For You?

Trading is complicated and risky. Any investor wishes to have access to a wide range of assets with the protection of a brokerage platform. Ejinvesting intends to be that broker for you. This does not mean that Ejinvesting is perfect! It does have the downside of not providing a portfolio dip protection yet, but the feature is on its way.

If you find this intriguing, contact Ejinvesting today and start your trading journey.